Mayweather Vs McGregor Aftermath: What’s Next For The Fighters and The Fans?

mayweather mcgregor.jpg

10 rounds, nearly a few hundred punches and $100 Million later, the fight is finally over and the winner has been decided! On Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor in the 10th round by TKO, in what many will agree was the most hyped fight of the year. With Mayweather finally accomplishing his 50-0 record and McGregor suffering the first loss of his professional boxing career, many fans are curious about what the future may hold for the fighters and their respective sports. 

Floyd Mayweather has accomplished the 50-0 record, remaining undefeated throughout a long career. Mayweather has gone on record saying that this would be his last fight, however, this definitely isn’t the first time he has come out of retirement. Should Floyd go for another go? In my opinion, no he shouldn’t. Does he have it in him to do what George Foreman and Bernard Hopkins has done? Maybe. Possibly. However, he has already proven himself. While there may be critics (those who claim he needs to fight more pound for pound opponents just to prove he is worthy of being called one of the greats), there’s no point in continuing his career and running the risk of tarnishing his record. This should definitely be Floyd Mayweather’s last fight, getting the W and entertaining his longtime fans as he takes his last walk to the ring. 

In my last article, I mentioned that this fight could be a win/win situation for McGregor, saying that if he could at least look good against Mayweather, it could justify him having a career in boxing, potentially having his next fight be against a top 10 ranked opponent. So even though McGregor lost the fight by TKO in the later rounds, did his performance earlier in the fight enough to allow him to be the fighter who opens the door for himself and other UFC fighters who may want to make the transition into professional boxing? Short answer; NO! Not at all! While some may give McGregor credit for lasting 10 rounds against an undefeated former world champion, the truth is that he lasted 10 rounds against a 40 year old Mayweather who clearly didn’t possess the same speed and power he had in the past. Also, Mayweather came into the fight using a style that was very different than the unstoppable style he has used in the past. You also have to admit that McGregor did an excessive amount of clinching in the early rounds, long before he was even hurt or winded. Could McGregor improve as a boxer? It’s possible, but it would take a long time to reach a skill level to justify a career in the sport, which means a long time away from MMA. It’s probably best if he just sticks to the UFC and defends his title to continue to be a big star in his own organization. 

Now that the “hype” is over, boxing fans can rejoice knowing that another major fight is going to be happening soon. Canelo Alvarez will face off against Gennady “GGG” Golovkin on September 16th in a hotly anticipated bout for the WBA, WBC, IBF and lineal middleweight titles. As far as UFC fans, there has been many disappointments in the past year, including a few main events and co-main events that ended up being duds, and the potential suspension of Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones. However, now that Conor McGregor is done with all of the boxing talk (hopefully), maybe this can be the start of the UFC getting back on track, hopefully starting with Conor defending his Lightweight title.