Meet Lizzo, the Flute Playing Rap Star Making Waves on Instagram

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Social media is flooded with talented artists ready to become your new favorite, but if you haven’t yet been introduced to rapper Lizzo, you’re missing one of the best. Her music is a revelation, often feeling like a pep talk from a badass older sister, and creatively covers every topic from losing a phone at the club and boy problems to self-love and body movement. Lizzo augments her music by connecting with fans on Instagram, where she engages followers in the perfect mix of black girl magic, musical hijinks, and hip-hop culture. Here are four unique reasons why Lizzo is the perfect rapper to be your new obsession.

Her beats are dope as hell

If you haven’t listened to Lizzo before, I strongly encourage you to start with “Truth Hurts.” The track opens with Lizzo spitting lyrics over a piano and the first line of the opening verse, “I just took a DNA test/turns out I’m a 100% that bitch” is perfection. Her songs make it almost impossible not to dance along while listening. “Fitness,” employs slow winding beats for grinding, “Boys,” makes use of quirky vintage sounds, and rhythmic drums on “Water Me” make for a more fast-paced jam session.

You’ve never seen someone play the flute the way she does

The flute may not be the instrument most people associate with rap and hip-hop but Lizzo challenges every preconceived notion about the instrument. In an Instagram story she explains, “I decided that flute and ho are life.” Thank the universe she did: Lizzo frequently twerks as she plays and it’s easily the most amazing sight on Instagram. She plays the flute for all of her original music and often moves seamlessly between playing beautiful tunes and dropping truthful rhymes. Lizzo is a wildly talented flutist and she often encourages fans who play, asking them to send her videos of them on their flutes.

She advocates for radical body positivity

Lizzo has referred to herself as “The Original Modern Day Plus-Size Bop Star” and her second album was entitled Big Grrrl Small World. Lyrics like those on “En Love,”--“Kissing on my mirror/staring in my eyes/appreciating every curve and crevice/smack my thighs/smack it twice, watch it jiggle”-- celebrate her curvaceous figure. She revels in telling haters on Instagram “I love my fat ass,” referring to herself as a BBW, and embracing the word fat as a description of a body type rather than an insult. “My size is relevant AF, sis!” She explained to a fan on Instagram, “My size makes me special and beautiful and poppin! I embrace it.” Lizzo consistently urges fans to love themselves as they are, explaining that hate and shame do nothing to nothing to make their lives better.

Positive messages are her passion

No matter what channel you encounter Lizzo on, she’s spreading love and positive messages. In an interview with the New York Times she revealed, “I made a commitment to feel-good music.” Listen to an album and you can see how seriously she takes that commitment. Her most popular Spotify track, “Good as Hell,” consoles listeners who feel down. “Come now, come dry your eyes/You know you’re a star, you can touch the sky/I know that it’s hard but you have to try,” she sings.

Her Instagram page is peppered with photos of her slaying on stage with uplifting captions. Some read as affirmations like this gem from September: “Hey bitch… it’s me… Say this with me, ‘I, (your name) am a winner. I win in my business, I win in love, I win in life. Cause that’s what winners do!’ Say that three times in the mirror.” Lizzo is a cheerleader encouraging others to live their best lives. She’s performed at NYC Pride and collaborated with Girls Who Code and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In short, Lizzo is love. Find her music on iTunes and Spotify and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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