This Summer Cards Against Humanity Meets Black Twitter

Coming this summer, Mot & Dot LLC announces the release of its party game, The Ultimate Clap Back.

Have you ever played The Dozens or had a roasting session with your friends? Imagine that, but with cards.  For three or more players, The Ultimate Clap Back is a fast-paced game of wordplay.  With just the right amount of sarcasm, snark, and shade, this game is bound to shock and keep you laughing for hours! 

The Ultimate Clap Back is a large party game consisting of two decks of cards.  The first player draws from the pink pile and says what’s on the card to another player.  The next player finds their best clap back and responds.  If the clap back is strong, they’ve won.  If it’s weak, they’ve lost the hand.  If you disagree on the winner, take a vote.  The person to win five hands has won the game.

I’ve worked really hard to create a fun and engaging party game for people to enjoy with their family and friends,” says Mot & Dot LLC’s owner, MaryMartha E. Ford-Dieng.  She started writing and designing the game in March of 2016.  The response has been extremely positive and MaryMartha is very proud of what has been accomplished in a little over a year.  

The game is in production and can be pre-ordered at  

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