Nike Kyrie 3 “Cookies and Cream” Preview

Nike Kyrie 3 Cookies and Cream

Although the Cavs didn’t win the Finals this year, and they are still dealing with the firing of their General Manager, Kyrie Irving can still relax knowing that he has one of the hottest line of sneakers right now. While the “Kyrie 3” line of Nike’s are already sneakerhead approved, Nike is improving on the already coveted sneaker by adding new and different color schemes and special editions to the line-up. The new look for the summer: The Kyrie 3 “Cookies and Cream.”

As far as style, the new color scheme compliments the shoe very well. The high contrast use of black and white speckling certainly makes the sneaker stand out while at the same time keeping it simple by going back to the basics with the “oreo” colorway.  While most color schemes in the Kyrie 3 line have been a little bit flashier and louder, the subtlety of this scheme actually seems to fit the sneaker perfectly. These kicks will be perfect, whether you have that crisp outfit for the summer, or just want to make sure you look good while you hoop. 

nike kyrie 3 cookies and cream sneakers

When it comes to performance, the Kyrie 3’s have already been proven to be a complete sneaker. With a true to size fit, a sole that may take getting used to, but will eventually gain your trust when it comes to traction, the Kyrie 3 is already getting recognition on the court as being a reliable sneaker that can hold up to standards of every hooper. The only complaint that the Kyrie 3 has gotten in the past is that the fused toe makes it sort of uncomfortable, although it will easily become less noticeable the longer your wear them, especially since the rest of the sneaker is an almost perfectly comfortable fit. Comfortable, with strong material and great traction and support, the Kyrie 3 is already established as a court approved pair of kicks. 

Court approved with a new clean and subtle, yet attention grasping design. What’s not to love about the new release by Nike? If you want to be the first one on the court or the streets with these on your feet, then the Kyrie 3 “Cookies and Cream” are due to be released on July 21st, 2017.