Purple Rose Supply Co. Cannabis Cigar Review

Purple Rose Supply Co. Cannabis Cigar Review 2.jpg

Recently, we tried out the “cannagar” by Purple Rose Supply Co. For years, we’ve had the joint and the trusty blunt as our most popular vessels to roll up flower in. Now, we have the cannabis cigar.

The cannabis cigar, or “cannagar” comes with a mold to pre-shape and tightly pack flower in. It is rolled with a bamboo toothpick inside for an easy transition to the cannagar shell, a cigar-like cured cannabis leaf shell slid over the cannagar core. It even comes with sturdy wooden tips to prevent any sogginess from passing it around in a group.

The mold come in three main sizes: personal (44), small (44), and large (49). We tried out the small, which we found to be slightly too big for two people. For solo sessions or tokes with a friend, we suggest the personal, which holds about 2-4g of flower.

It’s suggested that you leave the cannabis in the mold overnight for a tighter roll and a slower burn, but I waited just three hours and it was still effective, perhaps just not as long-lasting.

It lasts about 10X longer than a joint, which is appealing to one and a concern for others. For those who like the fresh taste and feel of lighting up a freshly rolled masterpiece, relighting the same cannagar on a nightly basis.

You might consider it a waste of flower, but it can be savored over a longer period of time than a joint or blunt might, and hence save you more money in the long run.

If you’re a heavy smoker that likes to include kief and distillate layers with your cannabis, the cannagar will be right up your alley. Same goes for social tokers who often smoke in large groups. Or maybe you’re just one person who’s really passionate about rolling fatties without the waste.

If you can stomach the steep price tag, the cannagar is a must-have, slow-burning addition to your existing smoking routine that’s perfect for bringing out at a party or a reunion with old friends.

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