Skuzii - Days in Atlanta with Tequila and Instruments

Here's an all access peek of a weekend of absurdity including ice cream sandwiches, keyboard solos over Erykah Badu beats, sax solos, dirty lyrics, and some cool ass glasses by Virginia based rap artist Skuzii. Don't ask about the octopus.

Infinite Vibes from the Lands of Finesse (IVLF) out now!!

(songs in order of appearance on video)
1. Mallory is Awkward- Skuzii(ft. Davie Jones)

2. Red & Blue- Skuzii(ft. Conscious Lane, Lacree Saint Leray, and Billy Mercury)

3. Abaddon- Skuzii

4. Prayers to Self- Skuzii

5. Tew Lit Tew Quick- Skuzii

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