Capturing Life: Marko Alonso

Marko Alonso

Marko Alonso loves the extreme. He has done what lots of people only dream of. From Madrid, Spain he has worked his way up to the top of film making. In only four years he has been collaborating with famous industry names. As a director of photography he throws himself into danger to film ancient temples of Cambodia, has captured moonlight festivals with Vietnamese fishermen but also films music videos for famous singers and giving something good back by lensing the “Gracias Maestros”, a social program by the Californian lottery. Movies like “Spiral” and “Blues ain’t nothing” have won multiple awards thanks to his talent. 

I feel that through my cinematography I can make an impact in other people lives”, says Marko Alonso (28). He arrived in Los Angeles four years ago. Before he starts into his busy day, he loves to enjoy a coffee in Los Feliz and to read the international news and travel pages in a newspaper. Marko has traveled the world and he can’t get enough of capturing foreign places on digital celluloid. Season nine and Season ten of the Emmy-winning PBS show Travelscope ( . For him it feels like yesterday since he has stepped into the large footprints of cinematographer Jon Speyer, nominated for the Emmy not less than five times. Marko has filmed at Angor Wat Temple in Cambodia and has done adventurous maneuvers to film while riding in the strong current of Mekong River. The contact with local Fishermen in Vietnam really moved him as well as filming the vast vine yards of Porto, Portugal. 

Marko Alonso, director of photography

Music connects people

Alonso has also been booked as cinematographer for a “Maroon 5” music video. This has drawn the attention of a talented young artist. The uprising Brazilian singer Marcos Zeeba has been working with Marko for years now. And the partnership has turned out a success: He scored for his first mega music label deal for his newest album “Hear me now”. Alonso’s video “Colors” is successfully airing on MTV Brazil (

Social Filming

Supporting the younger generations is a heart’s desire for Marko. For the “Gracias Maestros” (,a program by the Californian lottery, he has captured the emotional moments where teachers received work achievement awards.