Power Season 4 Recap

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Curtis “50 Cent“ Jackson and Courtney A. Kemp bring us the explosive fourth season of the Starz series “Power.”  Power is an urban drama starring Omari Hardwick as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a Queens’s native who balances family, legit businesses, and the perils of pushing pounds of narcotic into New York City Streets.  James has those Michael Corleone’s dreams of the St. Patrick family going completely legitimate, but to paraphrase Jay-Z on “Politics As Usual” “Ghost still can’t break his underworld ties.”

James has traded his Armani Suit for an orange colored onesie courtesy of the federal government.  His former mistress United States Attorney Angela “Hell Hath No Fury Then a Woman Torn between Love and the Law “Valdes has placed him there for the murder of ex-boyfriend and federal agent Greg Knox.  Angela played by the vivacious Lela Loren has been chastised this season for her messy ways, but quite frankly if she arrested me I would use my one phone call to ask her “W.Y.D” at two in the morning.  But that’s a personal problem.  

Meanwhile, back at the trap crooked cops Jukebox, Ray-Ray, and “can’t die, won’t die” Kanan have to figure out what to do when Ghost’s arrest stop their plans of ransoming Ghost’s son Tariq. Enter Dre played by the multi-talented Rotimi who I have affectionately called “Brown Baelish of the Block” (Your cable has to be straight to get that) runs the drug operation in St. Patrick’s upscale night club “Truth.”  The little light skin Littlefinger proceeds to get Tariq back to his family, get extorted by Kanan and the crew, and to lie to everybody in the process. Slim who is also Kanan to Tariq; urges Tariq to concoct a phony story that will satisfy Tasha; his mother about his disappearance. Tasha St. Patrick wife to the incarcerated Ghost is overjoyed that her son is safe and sound, but Ghost’s friend and business partner Tommy Egan is skeptical. Tasha St. Patrick is played by the exceptional and chocolate dipped Naturi Naughton who gave an impressive performance as the legendary Lil Kim in “Notorious.”   

In prison Ghost meets with his lawyer Joe Proctor played by Jerry Ferrara of Entourage fame; to talk about evidence, and urges Ghost to act like Citizen James St. Patrick while locked down. James’s D.N.A evidence in the slain agent’s apartment isn’t the only thing he has to worry about. Prison guard Williams played by Charlie Murphy (R.I.P) has made Ghost his personal obsession tormenting him every chance he gets.   


Back on the street with the killing of Milan; Tommy Egan assumes the role of connect for the Serbian Mafia.  Julio Romano to Dre’s chagrin is named distributor.  The micro managed Julio quickly learns that James’s and Egan’s management styles are night and day.

Ghost adjusts to prison life. He has to due to the impressive argument made by Joe Mak who not only gets his bail revoked, but is now heading the St. Patrick case. However, Ghost ain’t the one. While being propositioned for his “biscuit” he snaps and inmates arm in front of a deadly audience.  Famed lifer and mob hitman Tony Teresi witnesses the whole thing, and seeks to extort money from Ghost to afford his dying wife’s experimental cancer treatments.  

New narcotics distributor Julio learns a valuable business lesson. Nobody likes middle management. Primera Cristobal insults Julio, and lets his second in command assault one of the goons that works for Julio.  It’s safe to say Tommy isn’t too pleased with Julio’s management style choosing diplomacy over destruction.  Tommy believes in age old tradition of the street. “Violate and were going to demonstrate.”  Putting hands on a person who disrespects you is pretty much par for the course in the streets.  Egan proceeds to run a man over with his own car.  That takes talent.   Can we take a moment and appreciate the acting range of Mr. Joseph Sikora.  Playing wife beater on “Boardwalk Empire’ to “Pregnant” man on “Greys Anatomy’ to sociopathic drug dealer on “Power.” Well done.   Egan also feels responsible for protecting Lakeisha Grant from the murderous Serb Milan who threatens Keisha’s weave shop that he uses to launder money in. Lakeisha is played by the beautiful, caramel colored, Puerto Rican Goddess, Alani Anthony.  What can’t be said about Ms. Anthony that hasn’t been said about: grape swishers, tens cent lemon pepper wings, and patent leather Jordan’s.  Carmelo, no disrespect she needs to be cloned.  Quiet as kept Tommy and Keisha begin an intimate relationship.  


Proctor has a strategy meeting with Ghost advising him to turn states evidence against Tommy Egan.  Proctor informs him that the government will be seeking the death penalty.  Truth gets raided and crooked fed Mike Sandoval who secretly works for the Lobos Cartel plants the gun that he used to kill Greg Knox with in St. Patrick’s office.  Ghost makes a solemn call to Tommy. He tells Tommy in event of his death to take care of Tasha and the kids. 

Proctor brings in cocky, judgmental, death penalty lawyer Terry Silver to second chair on the case.  Together they suppress D.N.A evidence from an illegal traffic stop that Greg Knox conducted on “Ghost.”  James and Terry have a contentious, poignant conversation about class, race, and opportunity in America.    

The government closes down Truth and Keisha’s weave shop.  While Tommy is dropping off hush money to Teresi’s wife and pressing Teresi associate Sammy for information; Kanan is teaching Tariq how to be a proper criminal by scamming, and breaking and entering into his schoolmate’s houses. Homeland Security Agent Bailey Markham, holder of Agent Knox’s illegal informants wiretap tapes that implicate Tommy in Lobos death; tries to share them with Proctor before he is “field dressed” by Tommy.   In court, Proctor before he is thrown of the case by a conflict of interest destroys Agent Donovan on the stand and gets the planted gun in James office suppressed.   A drunken dejected Proctor shows up at Agent Valdes house and plants seeds of doubt about the case.  Angela checks the surveillance tapes…

Agent Valdez tells Sandoval about the surveillance tapes mentioning Ghost’s innocence.  Mike Sandoval automatically shuts that down stating that they have a check from Tommy to Ghost establishing murder for hire.  Slippery Simon Sterns shows up offering financial assistance.  Ghost sensing servitude refuses.  In an asset forfeiture session Silver calls Ghost to the stand. James gives a masterful performance and explanation about the check from Tommy.  Sandoval proceeds to destroy James during the cross-examination evoking an emotional response from Ghost.  Tasha worried about her financial means accepts Sterns help unbeknownst to her husband.  St. Patrick working out some frustration in the weight room is accosted by Guard Johnson.  St. Patrick viciously beats him to death with a weight so brutally the scene belongs in a Cronenberg Film. On cue Teresi walks into the room with another inmate that he suddenly decides to kill; to help James make the situation look like a murder suicide. Teresi wants to talk to Tommy. Tommy is off to Chicago to meet the boss.    

In a striking turn of events Angela sells out the prosecution citing a failure to present the surveillance footage to the defense.  The case is dismissed.  James “Ghost” St. Patrick is a free man.  


Egan meets the Serbian Cartel boss Jason Mitchage who offers Tommy business on both coasts in exchange for cutting all ties with St.Patrick.  Egan parties with Mitchage; gets kidnapped and almost assassinated for the death of Milan, but a mysterious woman named Tatiana has him spared.  Egan on the road trip home takes care of some business for his ex-girlfriend Holly brutally killing her pedophile uncle with a wooden bat.  

Back in New York crooked cop Jukebox kidnaps Tariq.  Kanan runs up on James asking for money in exchange for his son’s life.  They together rob Tommy’s stash house. In a miraculous turn of events Kanan has a heart, and explains to Tariq that he has been misleading him, comes clean about killing his son, and then murders Jukebox.  Julio set up by Dre and Cristobal goes out on his shield fighting to the death with his former gang Toros Locos.  You learn from that scene it’s not so much that Julio doesn’t like violence, but he so good at it that he would like to settle issues by other means.  

Agent Mak informs the team that they are all civilians.  Fired agents Saxe, Sandoval and Valdes all splinter off into teams trying to find the mole, and Agent Knox’s real killer.   Simon Sterns in hopes to gain minority government grants tries to makeover James St.Patrick.  Tasha has other plans and starts dating lawyer Terry Silver.  

Tommy finds his father; Teresi and Julio’s body.  Egan reluctantly makes Dre distributor, and wants a war with the Toros Locos.  Dre is proving himself to be an arch criminal.  Ghost calms Tommy down from getting revenge on the Locos.  We are introduced to the murderous Jimenez Cartel. Diego the man with Golden Gun and his sister Alicia.  Alicia is played by the ravishing Ana de LaReguera.  I must admit I’m a sucker for a lean in Latina who disposes of a rogue employee by making him do coke until his heart explodes, and then taunts a baby with its mother’s corpse.  Marry Me!  Tommy deals with them with disregard for their reputations, and states that you owe me for the death of Julio and killing your competition Felipe Lobos. 

With no response from the Jimenez Tommy asks Ghost to intervene.  St.Patrick brokers a deal from a place of respect, but challenges the Jimenez on their reputation and how word getting out that Lobos was not killed by them; will sully it.  Little did they know master criminal Dre has delivered Tommy’s whole organization to the Jimenez via trafficking in a chain of hotels.  

Angela and the team have conspired to trap Mike Sandoval.  He confesses to Greg’s murder, and attempts to kill Angela.  Angela shoots him in the shoulder and Sandoval is arrested.  Sandoval wants immunity or he’ll take the whole Eastern District Field Office down with him.  Tommy with fear of being implicated calls his father for a favor.  Tommy also asked to meet the rest of the “family.”  Mike gets killed in prison by a Teresi associate, and Angela Valdes leans over his dead body and gives him a proverbial “Riverside.”  

Tariq wants to be a thug.  He links up with “Brainz” but when a home invasion turns into a sexual assault, and then a murder; Tariq runs for his life.  Crooked cop Ray-Ray dispatches of Brainz and his associate, and goes hunting for lean feign loose end Tariq.    

Dre and Cristobal burn down Tommy’s stash house.  Dre quits working for Egan prompting a coked out Tommy to ask around for clean money to pay off Jason.  When Sterns tries to cheat Ghost out of a land development deal; shady councilmen Tate rectifies the situation.  In a strange turn of events Angela is named the head of Crime in the Eastern District.  

Dre and Cristobal unsuccessfully try to have Kanan killed.  Ray-Ray finds Tariq but kills his twin sister Raina instead.  It wasn’t just that a young innocent person’s life was taken senselessly that shook me to my core.  Raina covered for her brother, tried to help her brother and took her brother to task for his actions only to be murdered through no fault of her own. To me it was a metaphor for women of color who have stood by, and defended cause and culture until their demise.  Rest in Power Raina.  Tommy and Ghost look for a little payback suspecting the Jimenez. They nail gun and then kill Uriel of the Toros Locos.     


The St. Patrick’s family mourns the loss of their daughter.  A menacing Councilmen Tate orders Ghost to turns his daughters funeral into a media event.  Tariq high off of lean goes on that hunt for Ray-Ray threatening Dre for his location.  Tasha turns to an unlikely source for help; Angela who clones Tariq’s phone.  The whole family converges on Ray-Ray’s spot only to find the crooked cop dead at the hands of Tariq.  Tasha performs a mother’s duty instructing Tariq how to get rid of D.N.A evidence.  She ends her personal relationship with Silver and retains him as her lawyer.  Ghost, Tommy and Kanan are reunited again brainstorming ways to kill Dre and battle the Jimenez Cartel.  A familiar face from season one shows up to Eastern District station to implicate Ghost and Tommy in a murder.