Stay Fly Forever With the Toronto Staple Get Fresh Company

Stay Fly Forever With Toronto Staple Get Fresh Company.jpg

If you’re in the downtown Toronto area and looking for some unique threads you should definitely head down to 498 Queen St. West and pop into Get Fresh Company. Started in 2013 by Jebril Jalloh, this store first had its humble beginnings as one that sold clothes and accessories from the brands he really liked. Jalloh always wanted to create a brand that he and his network would love, with that thought in mind Get Fresh Company did the work of milling their own fabric and creating their own garments with authentic flare. Many Torontonians have seen their pretty much viral, YYZ collection.

The YYZ collection holds a special place in Toronto’s street style. It’s common to see a Toronto Blue Jays, Raptors or Maple Leafs hat and even some people rocking the lifestyle brand Roots, but one thing that unites us all is our airport code, YYZ. Whether you’re a born and bred Torontonian or are just passing through, the YYZ collection is an awesome way to show your allegiance to our diverse city, and show off how cool of a traveler you are, or your ability to be fashion forward. If you’re someone who prefers a more understated look and isn’t into big logos then you don’t need to look any further, Get Fresh Company has all sorts of clothing pieces, flashy high end to just regular basics.

My top picks for clothing/accessory items from the Get Fresh Company site would be the Classic Varsity in Leopard, the NSFD long sleeve and the Tactical Belt in camo. The Classic Varsity is a great look because it remixes the varsity look that we all know and love. This jacket has the standard cuffs and hem, but gets a modernized upgrade with the collar. The fact that this jacket comes in leopard print really helps you to make a bold statement whether you’re at work, on the dancefloor or simply taking a Sunday stroll. The No Sleep For the Dealers long sleeve is a great basic that adds a fun pop to your wardrobe with that bold statement.The back story is that it’s actually a quote come from one of Jalloh’s colleagues. They had been really burning the candle at both ends and only had more to do when Jalloh asked him if he was tired. His friend replied “No sleep for the dealers, this is the life we chose”. This is a phrase meant to encourage everyone, no matter their hustle that the late nights may seem bad now, but they’re going to pay off in the future if you keep putting in that work. Finally, we have the Tactical Belt. I don’t think I have to try and convince you why you need one, right? That said, the one that I really like is the camo pattern because it’s a subtle way to add some depth to your outfit.

Get Fresh Company may have only been around since 2013, but they’ve proven to be a staple in Toronto’s Queen St. West area, having collaborated with the likes of the Toronto Raptors, Sony Mobile, and even designed a shoe with PUMA. With all these amazing collaborations there’s only more greatness to come, don’t sleep on this company! Whether you’re a local to Toronto or a fashion forward creative making a stop in the city, definitely check out the Get Fresh Company boutique. If you’re someone who wants to be on top of their fashion game 24/7, then head over to the Get Fresh Company website and connect with them on social media below.

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