Taylor Swift on the Political Activism Wave, and We're Here For It

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Variety/Shutter

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Variety/Shutter

Up until pretty recently, Taylor Swift has kept relatively silent on politics. Many fans were disappointed when she didn’t speak out as soon as Trump got elected.

But let’s be real - as a blond, alabaster-skinned country singer, it’s safe to say that many of Swift’s fans were wearers of MAGA hats. She has enough star power to make a positive difference if she s[peaks out against him, but risks losing a big chunk of her demographic at the same time.

She even said that growing up in the country music industry, the mantra was drilled into her head, “don’t be like the Dixie Chicks,” who famously spoke out against Bush in 2002 when Taylor was jut 13.

It was a real Catch 22 for Swift, especially hailing from Tennessee. I understood why people were disappointed. After shedding her innocent, Disney persona in music, why wouldn’t she be emboldened to speak out about other matters that conversations would find provocative?

Recently, things seems to have changed in her M.O, with a newfound responsibility felt towards her influence in politics, and what she describes as its “disgusting rhetoric.“

In 2018, she broke her silence after endorsing two Democrats for the mid-terms in her home state, which was followed by a spike in voter registration. The celebrity admitted that her timing wasn’t ideal, and is ready to make up for her previously passive attitudes with a fiery bout of activism for the 2020 races.

We’re proud of Taylor Swift for finding her activist voice, humbly pursing her own education on all things politics, and using her massive platform to help others.