The Beats n Bars Festival, Featuring Young Bull and Wreck N Crew, is Today in Durham, NC!

Beats n Bars Festival 2020.jpg

The Beats n Bars Festival intends to become the premier place for artists, producers, creatives and others who love Hip-Hop to dive deeper into the world of STEM learning.

Beats n Bars Concert 2019, is today in Durham, NC, from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM!

While we are rebranding and preparing for our year 5 (2020), enjoy 1 full day of music, food, coding class, tech tour and interactive labs ! You don't want to miss out!

Festival goers can expect to be actively engaged and increase their understanding of new ways to display and celebrate hip-hop with while establishing a space that fosters a broader glance into and understanding of how science, technology, education and music intersect with Hip Hop culture.

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