The Best Clothing Subscription Boxes That Style and Dress You

Why waste your free time buying clothes and milling around crowded stores when you could be getting it delivered right to your front door? Even better, a lot of clothing subscription box services are like having a built in stylist to pick your clothes out for you, so you can think about more important things. All of these services are available for both men and women.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak’s clothes are a low-key chic with muted color palettes available for both genders. They’re rated the #1 clothing subscription box in Canada for a reason - with versatile and sustainable looks that are functional on a range of body types, why not give it a shot? Apart from being eco-friendly, they don’t cheap out when it comes to fabric quality either.

Wantable brings you seven curated pieces to your door, with the option of focusing on style or fitness. After taking a style quiz, users can get a shipment of apparel and accessories in their favourite colours. You can request favorites, and we love the flexibility and range of plans that are offered for a range of lifestyles.

Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom, so you can bet that they know their fashion consultation like no other. This service is unique because it’s not a recurring subscription, it’s a manual request that you can put in with one of their stylists. Paired with a real-life stylist, clients will have hand selected items emailed to them in a preview so that they can sign off an approve at their own discretion.

Even though fitness lovers are bound to freak out at this athletic-wear subscription box, even the couch potatoes of the world will unite over how damn comfortable Underarmour garments are. The starting questionnaire lets you set goals like “start getting active”, “maintain my fitness” or “improve my game” in different workout settings like home or the studio. Then, it lets you pick a silhouette or aesthetic before moving onto sizing.

Stitchfix offers 5 hand-picked items, which can include, along with garments, outerwear, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. They also have an “Extras” program which provides undergarments like socks, shape-wear, and undies. It costs a $20.00 styling fee, which is close to what many of these services charge. Their discount reward program is also a big draw.