The Best Music Tech of 2019 So Far

Tech has been shimmying its way into almost every industry this year, and one of the most exciting breakthroughs has been in music. For professionals and fans alike, these beat-savvy gadgets are going to be on everyone’s wish list this year.

The Wavy Music App

Augmented Reality is seeping into mainstream across many verticals, and music is no exception. This immersive app available for iOS creates art and music related AR experiences, letting users move through environments and listen to songs, bringing a whole new level to the sensory experience. It’s both an enjoyable way to create music as an active journey as opposed to a passive one that we listen to while doing something else. It can also expose fans to new musicians who might not otherwise find their tracks. Curation and tech are getting polygamous with music this year, and we’re here for it.

Wavy Music app.jpg

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Speakers

These babies might be compact, but their sound is anything but. This gadget is equally professional and recreational, but creators of music might have a deeper appreciation of the MTMs. With automatic audio calibration for every room, this pair of speakers is ideal for bedroom producers who really need to hear how their tracks sounds - even in a shitty environment. For both professional music aficionados and producers alike these adjustable speakers are more affordable than others on the market, such as models by Genelac.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Speakers.jpg

Nonda ZUS Universal HD Car Audio Adapter

Your road trips new best friend. A soundtrack is the cure for annoying trip-mates, overnight drives, or very heavy traffic. This adapter brings your vehicle the hi-def sound it craves, and has a more streamlined shape than its dash-crowding predecessors. Using author an auxiliary port or FM radio, this device also has an integrated mic for hands-free calls. Buttons are clear and accessible, and allows for swift track changes without the potential for dangerous distractions.

Nonda ZUS Universal HD Car Audio Adapter.jpg

Sony 360 Reality Audio

Sony brought the 360 Reality Audio experience to listeners with its immersive format, creating a 360 degree soundscape that is very close to a real concert. Many are calling this the end of stereos, which have outdated and fixed positioning, whereas 360 Reality Audio utilizes object based, spatial audio tech, which basically means several virtual speakers that can recreate that mosh pit experience. Sony is already in collaboration with major artists to create a library of specially optimized music which will be available on platforms like Tidal.

Sony 360 Reality Audio.jpeg

The LOVE Turntable

Lovers of old-school vinyl might not jump on this bandwagon, but its pros are irrefutable. Vinyl sales are still at an all time high, showing that people love the vintage aspect, but maybe not the glitches that come with it. Instead, this turntable is very portable thanks to its round base and mouse-like top part. and has built in sensors to detect record size and the amount of tracks. With the ability to connect to any Bluetooth speaker. Transport yourself back to your parents’ era, with a high-tech twist.

LOVE turntable pic.jpg