The Best New Collection By The Hundreds Is Jackson Pollock Inspired

The Hundreds have been absolutely killing it these past few months, doing bulletproof collaborations with Revelation Records and Fila. Their designs have always been legit, but this Jackson Pollock infused collection takes the cake, in all its splattered grunge glory. The Pollock collection pays tribute to the wildly talented and controversial artist, who Bobby Hundreds has publicly shown his support and admiration for.

The items all contain the same infamous Pollock floor splatter design, including hoodies, canvas jackets, shorts, and t-shirts. Accessory highlights include a skate deck and ash tray (also, a $500 chair, but it’s sold out anyway, and who’s really dropping that on an uncomfortable chair anyway?) The jacket is an oversized beige shade with black lettering, along with a splattered collar and lining. We’re always a fan of a loud lining under a muted shell, so this is the highlight piece of the collection, for us. The hoodie is splattered all-over, and so are the shorts, for all of you hypebeasts that need to go the extra matchy-matchy mile. T shirt options include the print in a square format and black background, museum style (available for under $40), or shaded into a bomb with a face that’s about to go off, but that version’s sold out for now. 

We have to say, this is the perfect artist for a streetwear brand to take on, apart from Basquiat. Pollock was a wild, unpredictable lush of a bad boy that produced gorgeous works, and we love how Bobby Hundreds has finally paid homage to this iconic artist and one of his own personal inspirations.