The Hunt Is The Best Style App For Women

The Hunt.png

The world of fashion apps is over-saturated and hard to navigate. Usually, it results in you giving up and buying the next closest thing to what you actually wanted on ASOS. But The Hunt has filled a niche in the style app world that’s desperately needed to be filled for a while now. Do you ever see a celebrity wear something on TV, a movie, or the red carpet, and desperately want to know the brand (either to recreate the look in a cheap way yourself, or to just find that damn elusive Rihanna jacket after Google has failed you and it just seems like it will fall into a black hole with the other mysteries of the universe). It’s endorsed by Kylie Jenner, and per its name, will really help you hunt down that cute item, along with following other peoples hunts and getting regular updates on theirs and your own. It’s easy to use, with clear instructions, and (always our favorite perk) is free.

It’s a Tumblr-meets-Polyvore style marketplace for women that contains dope style suggestions and endless outfits, with an addictive browsing format that’ll make it hard to put down.  There’s always the off chance that no one will respond to your query, but why not give it a shot? Statistics show that 50-60% of hunts are solved within 1 day. The community aspect makes it interactive and fun. Check out what’s trending and see if you find your style soulmate on there! In a nutshell, The Hunt really takes outfit envy to the new level and lets you recreate fashion mysteries, along with injecting some creativity into the mix. If your trend game is feeling stale, this is a perfectly curated app to check out.

Download The Hunt on: Android | iTunes