The InkCase i7 Is The Smart IPhone Cover You Need Right Now

InkCase i7 iPhone cover

If you’re going to pay for a brand new iPhone 7, it only makes sense that you would want to protect it with a case. However, what if there was a case that could do so much more than simply protect your phone? This is where the new InkCase i7 comes in! The InkCase i7 is an e-ink screen for the back of your phone in the form of a durable case. 

The e-ink display functions as an e-reader, similar to the Kindle. This makes the InkCase i7 perfect for reading e-books and news stories, definitely making it easier on the eyes than staring at the LCD screen for hours on end. It connects to your iPhone 7 via Bluetooth 4, making it low energy. This means that it may come in handy for those who want to keep up with news or read books on their phone while preserving their precious battery life, since you’re using the anti-glare ink display of the case instead of the phone itself. 

Since the InkCase i7 connects through an app on the iPhone 7, this leads to a lot of functionality with the phone itself. Not only can you manage your e-books and news through connecting the reader with your apps, but you can also use it as a dashboard, displaying the time, weather, calendar and reminders. You can also connect it to your health app, displaying your stats on the reader. 

The coolest feature of the InkCase i7 is the fact that you can connect to your photos to display any photo in your library, even when the device is turned off. If you want to put your significant other, logo, or any photo that is wallpaper worthy, you can have it grace the cover of your phone with ease. This makes the InkCase i7 not only practical, but something that can make for cool opportunities to make your phone feel unique to others. 

A very functional e-reader that’s able connect with other apps that are frequently used on your iPhone, as well as a sturdy case that can take a damage while still functioning, this is definitely a must purchase for those who either already have or plan on purchasing the iPhone 7 in the near future. The InkCase i7 smart case is also available for the iPhone 6 and coming soon for the iPhone 7 plus. 

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