The Super Stylish Uniqlo 2017 Fall - Winter Men's Essentials For Inès de La Fressange


UNIQLO is at the forefront of being an affordable brand with functional climate technology that’s both comfortable and stylish. With fashion forward looks slowly being incorporated into their brand identity, like their most recent AIRISM collection, this brand has found a way to unite practical clothing-wearers with those who have more of a trend radar. This 18-piece Men’s Essentials collaboration was done with Inès de La Fressange, the 59-year-old French model who has been Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for years. For this collection, she mastered the ultimate Parisian street style infused with a carefree, slouchy sense of Danish Hygge (an idea of coziness that’s all the buzz this year). 

The dominating fabrics that the pieces are composed of include tweed, corduroy, and cashmere knits, all colored in sophisticated, timeless neutrals - the perfect classic man aesthetic, in other words. It reminds us of previous APC collections, with a fresh take, and the added inspiration of a Japanese look and its signature sharp, clean lines. They truly are essentials - it’s a no frills, cohesive collection that still has a flawlessly understated sense of style, and for a menswear debut, we’re impressed. The pieces that look particularly ‘Hygge’ are the flannels (less dirty Kurt Cobain, more office-appropriate clean lines), along with Nordic inspired knits and enveloping trenches. For those of you who opt for a more traditional menswear look over tight skinnies and rainbow Jordans, this essential collection will be a lifesaver collection of staples for your wardrobe. 

Basically, this collection makes us as excited for winter as we can be. The smart, menswear inspired women’s line by Inès de La Fressange has existed for years, so now couples can finally coordinate outfits for some fly #relationshipgoals IG posts. You can purchase the looks online starting August 31st, and in stores on September 1st.