The Top Online Radio Shows You Should Be Listening To Right Now

The Top Online Radio Shows You Should Be Listening To Right Now.jpg

It seems like the art of radio has gone down the drain, with the same three Drake songs being rotated with the usual mumble rap selection. Online radio is the wave of the future, and these are our favourite shows that’ll make sure you never get bored.

1. Celsius Drop On Dublab

Dublab is synonymous with premium radio, and it’s been around for a while. That doesn’t make its current curation any less dope - it’s a must for real music aficionados. They’ve featured artists like Flying Lotus as guest DJs. Last year, co-founder and host Mark “Frosty” McNeill mixed real-time broadcasts with international radio stations from all over.

2. Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW

If all you’ve heard on KCRW is news broadcasts droning on about depressing stuff, you’re missing out on this diamond in the rough. One of theist influential indie shows since the late 70s, indie rock lovers who are sick of Top 40 need look no further - three hours of new music daily, with past live sessions including Vampire Weekend and The National.

3. P Montana, Radar Radio

UK music lovers who are in search of the ultimate tastemakers will find a favourite in P Montana. It houses mostly grime, UK rap, and Afrobeat genres. If top 40 in the U.S isn’t so much your favourite and you’re looking for new beats to discover, this is better curated than your Soundcloud stream.

4. Soulection

Jazz and hip hop lovers yearning for a piece of the late 90s will find a certain nostalgia in this indie Radio Show. The Selection collective plays lots of diamonds in the underground rough, along with progressive tracks, bringing visibility to cool and impactful beats.