The Tower of Trump

Up in the Tower of Trump
I bet it’s far from snug
Having a world all to your own
With your name on your own mug

Looking down at the ‘tiny ants’
‘People’, work­day bound
But how much of a person are you
If you’re merely standing on the ground?

Making bribes, threats like children
Vote for me or beware of the ‘else’
Riots will be coming your way
Tie you up with Brioni belts

In this brain that seems lacking in many a sulcus
He has his minions dancing like fleas in a circus
‘Do this & do that’, ‘Listen to me!’
That’s quite a demanding way to speak to one who is no flea

A woman you say?
What is that but decoration?
His duckish lips hold back, but imply­­
You want a woman running your nation?

In year twenty­one­six
I would’ve hoped we’d have been more ahead
Than risking ‘You’re fired’
Turning into ‘Off with your head’

Let’s make a land of promise
A beautiful domain
Create a day that a woman
Has a presidency to claim

So, hello there big ol’ T
Thanks for telling us the size of your dick
Treating women like a frat boy’s side chick
For wearing your hair oh so tidy and slick

But since I have a voice
And I have a choice
Against you I’ll rebel
And with a loving heart, I’ll rejoice

Chime together for diversity
Stray away from adversity
Let’s not put people into a clump
By looking up
To the Tower of Trump


Daryen Ru is a young, gender-neutral person living in NYC dealing with the excursions of growing into adulthood and finding your way. Living in NYC since age 13, Ru was once a ballet dancer at Lincoln Center, but has now evolved into a writer and film director/producer. When Ru's not on (usually horrible) dates, they are being a vegan food lover and a terrible bowler, waiting for their moment to nail a perfect score. Daryen is constantly soul-searching as well as searching the city for new things to do and new people to chat with. Ru is an open book and is eager to share their stories and knowledge with readers, haters, and lovers alike. Please follow Ru on Instagram- @daryenru