Three Best Spots To Buy Sneakers And Streetwear In Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is not one of the first cities that comes to mind when discussing fashion, but Atlanta has made many unique contributions to the world of streetwear and urban fashion.  While Atlanta does not have any specific neighborhood dedicated solely to urban wear, there are a number of boutiques throughout the city that specialize in selling streetwear and sneakers.  Here are three of the best spots to buy sneakers or streetwear when you are in Atlanta.

447 Moreland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30307

Without a doubt, Wish is the best place in Atlanta to find streetwear created by some of the most well known designers in the fashion industry.  The boutique style store is located in the Little Five Points neighborhood and has an extremely convenient parking lot directly behind the building.  Wish has a nice variety of urban clothes and accessories on the top floor, but the real gems are found in the basement.  Guests will find a huge selection of sneakers for men and women that include many hard to find classic styles at very affordable prices.  Wish usually has more shoes for men than women, but the friendly staff will help everyone find something that they like in the correct size.

Ginza Boutique
72 Upper Alabama St.
Atlanta, GA 30303

At first glance Ginza Boutique appears to be just another upscale Atlanta shop, but after entering the building guests find themselves in urban fashion heaven.  Ginza is different from many boutiques in the city since it features clothing created by locals and lesser known designers instead of focusing only on top streetwear brands.  Located at Underground Atlanta, Ginza Boutique is directly across the street from the Five Points Train Station and extremely convenient for tourists.  Though Ginza Boutique specializes in clothing and shoes for men, there are a few items available for women.  Perhaps best of all, Ginza sells authentic sneakers on consignment giving buyers a chance to pick up hard to find shoes at discounted prices.

66 Decatur St SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

Anyone looking for sneakers, especially hard to find sneakers, should visit Walter’s.  Not only is the store an Atlanta landmark, it has also established a name for itself as one of the best sneaker stores in the United States.  Opened in 1958, Walter’s convenient location made it a first choice among college students and residents of downtown Atlanta.  Today Walter’s is the one place in Atlanta, Georgia that is guaranteed to receive every new sneaker on the day of it’s
release.  Boasting a huge selection of men and women shoes, Walter’s is the place to visit when you are having a hard time finding the “perfect” pair of sneakers to go with a new outfit.