Unplug With The BittBoy Portable Retro Gaming System

BITTBOY Portable Retro Gaming System

Did you or somebody you know miss out on the NES Classic Edition system before it ended up selling out, and Nintendo halted production? Well get ready to rejoice at a new chance at enjoying your classics at a reasonable price once again! The BittBoy is here to give nostalgic gamers their retro fix in a compact handheld shell. 

The BittBoy sports over 300 titles, mainly including NES titles as well as third party games included on the system. The system manages to keep the graphics and sounds from their games up to the same luster as NES, giving you the same experience you had playing the NES in your childhood. The BittBoy’s catalog includes classic NES titles such as Super Mario Bros., Contra, and other titles. While there may be other fan favorites missing, there are more than enough ROMs in the device to keep you occupied. 

The device pays clear homage to the original Gameboy, with the main differences being in the size and button layout. Instead of the two-button layout that fans of the Gameboy would be familiar with, the system has four main buttons. It is lightweight and compact, coming in at 6.8x9.9x1.3cm, which makes it only slighter longer than a Gameboy Advance SP when it is closed. The system also sports a 2.2” IPS display screen, lithium battery and a composite video output for when you want to play your favorite retro titles on the big screen. The BittBoy comes in five colors: red, yellow, white, blue and black. 

While it may not completely replace your Smartphone or PS4, this system is still fun enough to entertain those of us who still remember our first time playing the NES or original Gameboy. At a price of $39, you’re definitely going to satisfied with your purchase. The BittBoy is a cool third-party system that makes a great inexpensive gift for retro gaming fans!