Valet. Is The Best Style App For Men

Most fashion and style apps out there cater to women, so this is a welcome change for all the guys out there who like to rock a more elevated look than cargo shorts and Tevas. But on the other hand, it’s not so metrosexual that it will fully emasculate you and make you the butt of the joke with all your friends. Success! Valet.

The Valet. app is sort of men’s lifestyle and fashion all in one, with articles like “The Best Shorts To Wear Right Now” (spoiler alert, they’re not cargo) or budget-friendly pieces like “The Best Dress Shoes And Boots From The Zappos Sale.” Think Gilt meets GQ. This personalized app offers useful tutorials along with style, grooming, living, and shopping sections. They also have amazingly curated services which are endorsed by Valet., such as barbers, dry cleaners, or tailors in over 100 cities. You know, the stuff that women have down pat, but that dudes always look for on the fly, and find themselves grappling for. On the tutorial side of things, the app contains a “Mobile Handbook”, a hefty catalog of step by steps and how-tos for the modern man’s life. The useful Personal Dossier feature shows users how to take measurements and save them on the app, along with size converters. The last helpful feature that stood out to us was “Ask Valet.”, a feature that gets you answers to popular questions at the moment, or lets you share fashion revelations with others.

With an uncluttered interface (most of these fashion apps are a nightmare to navigate), and accessible hyperlinks to buy clothing from the app or see what’s on trend, this men's style app is coming out on top! Also, it’s free but also reliable, which makes it #1 in our book. Ultimately, it’s a great resource for guys who aren’t ready to ask the shop guy at their local boutique for tips, but is still curious.

Download Valet. on: iTunes | Android