Watch Timur Bootzin's Riveting Short Film "Hermanos"

Hermanos short film.jpg

It’s never too late to celebrate DOPE content which is why we’re shining the spotlight on the short film “Hermanos” which was written and directed in 2017 by then 17-year old Timur Bootzin. The short film which focuses on daily life in a section of Los Angeles that a lot of tourists don’t see, is the story of Juan and Mateo, two childhood friends whose older brothers are leaders of rival Latino street gangs. It's about the struggle to maintain a friendship while staying loyal to family in an unforgiving neighborhood.

This riveting short film stars Scar, George Pakola, Jesus Medina, Axel Montana C., Omar Camacho, Edgar Alvarez, andLee Coc, and has reached over 5 million views on YouTube and has gotten a lot of positive feedback, especially in the community.

Shout out to Timur who reached out to us about “Hermanos”; we’re honored to share it with our audience. Watch the short film below and also check out the recently released music video that he directed, entitled “South Central State of Mind” by V.O.T.G. (Voice of the Ghetto), which we have designated as our new DOPEST Video of the Week.

Watch “South Central State of Mind” by V.O.T.G.

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