We Finally Have an African-American Ariel, So 2019 isn't All Bad

We Finally Have an African-American Ariel, So 2019 isn't All Bad.jpeg

Donald Trump is still president, but the Walt Disney company officially cast Halle Bailey of chloe x halle and “Grown-ish” as Ariel for their live action remake of The Little Mermaid. We just wanted to let Disney know that you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

This important decision for an iconic role doesn’t necessarily makes our recent historical regressions any less painful, but it does feel good to know that influential companies like Disney are making inclusive casting decisions that celebrate their classic story lines, as opposed to their racist and single-minded history out of which the company was originally founded.

They’re consciously taking a sordid past and converting it into a contemporary, open-minded company ethos that gives little girls of colour more empowering role models to look up to than just Moana. It gives us hope that more old-fashioned companies with shady backgrounds revamp themselves in a bold and timely way.

Unfortunately, as always, the trolls of the internet have risen out of their swamp to share their ignorant MAGA opinions that nobody asked for about how if she’s not white with red hair, she can’t be Ariel.

Those #NotMyAriel fools need to wake up and check their Euro-centric beauty standards, since their on-screen representation has reply much trampled everyone else’s for the past century. Everyone else pretty much had to use their imagination to potentially see themselves as a Disney princess or character, with secondary characters of color generally being represented in a horrifyingly offensive way, like Sunflower in the original 1940 “Fantasia”.

Regardless, the haters can take a seat - our feathers aren’t ruffled. They just fuel the fire to keep going and encourage making badass moves like this. We can’t wait to see what adorable little mermaids with natural locks come out of the woodwork this Halloween, and only want to celebrate the much-needed, positive energy that it’s brought to 2019.