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MEDIA related: If you have an upcoming song, video or project (mixtape/EP/album) dropping soon or performance on the horizon, send us an official press release and we will promote it on our site as well as our social media streams. Please send the information as a final version. We will not write it for you; we publish what we receive.

ATTENTION: If you have a new EP, mixtape, or album coming out soon, email us with the release date, promo pictures, and other pertinent information and we will allow you to 'take over' our website the week of its release in order to promote it. This takeover includes a customized landing page which will replace our homepage, an interview with you to discuss the project, a review of the project, and more. For more information, email us at


DOPECAUSEWESAID is an amazing platform that showcases, supports and promotes new talents from all over the world. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with people who are committed to delivering quality content. - Charlotte Gomes, Project Light Agency, UK

Everyone over at DOPECAUSEWESAID is the homie. They've always showed hella genuine love & it's evident that they want to see good people & good music win. - Dylan Reese, Massachusetts (RnB)

For one thanks for posting me as song of the week, couldn't be more appreciative. You guys were actually the only blog to post me as there song of the week, and because of that; it helped my music reach a much wider audience. Thank you again and I look forward to sending you guys my next track! - Wade Hampton, Nashville (RnB)

DOPECAUSEWESAID is a DOPE platform, where you can stay tuned to the newest DOPE releases around urban culture. - 121Josh, Portugal (Hip-Hop) 

DOPECAUSEWESAID is a great blog, ran by great people. If they love your music they'll definitely love you and support you like you are one of their own. That's why I always share my music with DOPECAUSEWESAID first! - Don Neil, Baltimore (Hip-Hop)

DOPECAUSEWESAID has been a huge positive driving force in my career, always making sure to lift up my music. They've written incredible, well thought out articles regarding my music as well as introduced to me to dope music from around the world! - Bateau, Melbourne, Australia (Trip-Hop/RnB/Hip-Hop)

Having @Dopecausewesaid reviewing and posting my music news improved positively the way people perceived me as an artist - Jünior Lefranc, New York City (Pop)

DOPECAUSEWESAID has helped out a lot through the last year and I couldn't thank them enough! Constantly creating posts/articles for the DCWS community to check out my music, which has in turn helped me expand even more. Great ear for music, they always upload dopeness - Reeko Rokk, Raleigh (Hip-Hop)