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Beats N Bars Festival

  • Durham, NC United States (map)
Beats N Bars Festival, Durham, NC

Building Stronger Communities Through the Influence of Urban Culture and Music.

Beats n Bars mission is to build stronger community through the influence of urban culture and music. In just its second year, Beats n Bars has become North Carolina’s platform dedicated to cultivate the founding influences of hip-hop culture. The art of MCing, Breakdancing, DJing, Graffiti and Knowledge all are integral components that are culturally represented in our community. Beats n Bars is committed to sustaining the hip-hop sensibilities here in Durham.

In aligning with their mission, Beats n Bars Festival is committed to providing educational opportunities to the general public through The Fresh Effect Panel. The panels are just one of many ways we link directly with individuals that are part of the hip-hop community who are seeking an opportunity to hone in on set skills. Examples of those skills range from production and beat making to social media and marketing.

With craft and love of the culture, the Beats n Bars experience includes art display fixtures, panel discussions on culture relations and community impact, exposure to real hip-hop music, and an introduction to break out artists.