Music Submission Service

We will submit your new song or video to 10 leading music platforms such as blogs, YouTube channels, and curated Spotify and Soundcloud playlists that are highly likely to feature your type of music.

The only music platforms we will submit your music to are those that typically feature content similar to yours, as well as those that have sizable traffic on their blogs, playlists and channels, and have an active social media presence.

*Please note that there is no guarantee that each platform that we submit your music to will accept it for a feature. We do our best to match it to platforms that usually feature your sub-genre but every music blog, curated Spotify playlist/YouTube channel, etc is different with tastes that fit their criteria for acceptance.

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Music License Pitching

We will pitch your music to a highly selective list of ten music supervisors, publishers and ad agencies looking for music to place in films, TV, commercials and games.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that your music will be selected by the clients of the music supervisors, publishers and ad agencies; it is solely up to their discretion to decide.

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DCWS Take Over

The DCWS Site Take Over includes:

  • Five day custom landing page promoting the project's release, replacing the normal DCWS homepage

  • Banner on the homepage for five days promoting the project

  • Project feature post

  • Review of the project

  • Interview feature

  • Selected song from the project will be featured separately with a post

  • Ten recommended music platforms to submit the project and song to

  • Social media promotion for both the project and song

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Artist Biography Development

It is pretty much a given that every artist, whether up and coming or mainstream, needs a professional, and up to date official biography that they can share at all times. If you don’t have one or need to update your current version, we’ve got you covered!

We will develop an official artist biography for you that you can use for music submissions, your website, social media, and the marketing and PR of your music brand.

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My Music is Dope, But Now What!?! The Strategies For Success in the Music Industry Mixtape
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Founders of music discovery blogs Stimulate Your Soul - Margaret Tra (Australia) and Dopecausewesaid - Carlton Boyd (US) have teamed up to release an e-book targeted at assisting emerging artists on how to succeed in the music industry.

Just as the title suggests, "My Music Is Dope, But Now What!?! The Strategies for Success in the Music Industry Mixtape" is an e-book that first started as an email chain of admiration from one music lover to another. After sharing their experiences, failures and successes in the music industry, Margaret and Carlton decided that they should put down their thoughts in a manuscript to assist the artists who submit music to their sites every day.

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