Q&A with Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Mercy

Mercy is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter with a beautiful, soulful voice and a unique style. Mercy brings her unique, mesmerizing voice to songs that showcase her eclectic musical tastes and styles, from urban chill, to indie folk, to jazz, to new wave retro disco. In everything she sings, she brings her own unique depth of feeling, as well as a sly sense of humor, which shine through her singing and draw you into her world.

We connected with Mercy to find out how her collaboration with producer Christopher Pellnat came about, what song from her "Mercy" EP defines her the most, and much more. After reading our exclusive interview with Mercy, download the EP and connect with her using the links below.

Carlton Boyd

Tell me about your collaboration with Christopher Pellnat; how did you guys connect and what role did he have in the creation of the "Mercy" EP?

Chris and I connected through Soundcloud after running into eachother's tacks. We both shared songs that we thought could be influenced  by one another and over time these 5 songs formed this EP. Chris is responsible for all of the instrumentals you hear as well as all production and vocal mixes. He wrote all of the songs included in this collection except for Ice Cream and Lioness. He is an extremely talented and diverse musician as well as song writer.

If you had to pick one song from the "Mercy" EP or your catalog overall that defines you the most, which song would you select and why?

I would select Ice Cream, this song is a playful metaphor that can be read many ways. This is literally a song about a girl who is wishing that her lover would just kiss and make up.  It is simple and fun, yet dark and complex - a moment that most people can readily relate to.

Who are some of your musical inspirations? And what are your favorite genres of music?

If I am going to sing a cover, it is going to be either Nina Simone or Tom Waits more than likely. I listen to The Specials and The Pixies really frequently, and all of Hope Sandoval's works are an inspiration to me. I enjoy all music that forces my mind and body to react. 

Would you say that your music is influenced by or is a reflection of your surroundings in Brooklyn and NYC, in general? 

Particularly, it is not something that I would say. Being around so many people welcomes inspiration for song content and each step out the door assures that a new experience awaits. This stimulation is great but also time away from a place of this capacity can be great for song writing and reflection of everything thats been absorbed. 

Walk us through your process for creating a song? How does a Mercy song come together? 

It is different, but usually most of my songs come together piece by piece. I will hear something someone said earlier in the week and write it down, and match it with a melody I've had in my head that I then recorded on my phone. I try to write every day and pull ideas out of these thoughts and moments.

Will you be touring in support of the "Mercy" EP?

Christopher and myself  both live in different parts of New York State, and have yet to perform live together. This is the amazing opportunity that the Internet provides us, and perhaps we will play these songs together one day.

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