Hip-Hop artist and educator C. Shreve the Professor releases new album "Twenty Sixteens"

“I told H.E.R. I love her, I don’t think that she believe me.”

North Carolina artist and educator Chris Shreve seems out to prove his love for Hip-Hop throughout "Twenty Sixteens", a 48 min solo project showcasing the Professor’s unapologetic lyricism and commitment to freeing his Optimus. What does a rap album sound like from a 34 year old full time university professor (slash stay at home dad) who at one time played wide receiver with both Mike Vick & Brett Favre? Well…

Hip-Hop albums are only as good as their soundscapes, and Shreve’s keen ear serves him well here. The production throughout the project is excellent, and sets the stage for Shreve to flourish lyrically as P.A.T. Junior, Nakata Slice, L the Beat Chemist, FutureBeats, and many more weave the boom bap we’ve come to expect from an FTO album along with plenty of new twists and turns.

Energetic highs like BAOW and New Styles are countered by sincere moments of reflection on Catacombs, Fade Away, and You Got It. The features are few and far between as Shreve focuses intently on delivering a powerful solo message of positivity and love for the culture.

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