Review: Alice Limoges' "The Space Between" Album

Alice Limoges’ “The Space Between” is the rainy day album that you’ve been waiting for. With a ton of bright, overly poppy summer anthems taking over our feeds and favorite blogs, the album possesses languid, thoughtful ballads. The singer/song-writer has perfected sad piano ballads that are perfect for heartbreak, or just a case of the Mondays. I’d categorize it as gloomy acoustic pop-folk with a hint of jazz, which manages to feel honest, but not too showy. She writes and sings to us about the banal, and the bigger milestones and essences of humanity. While a lot of her lyrics are dark, they pave the way for some enlightenment, like in her socially conscious tracks like “Red Cigar” which is dedicated to the black lives movement, featuring a bittersweet cello baseline, while Aleppo is pretty self explanatory, as Limoges softly strums with a ghostly yearning about her friend and his fiancee who called Aleppo home, but were forced to flee to other countries.

The brooding piano of Winter Nights stretches Limoges’ will keep you company on cold nights. It gives us a sort of Bon Iver, mournful-artist-camped-out-in-a-cabin type of vibe. She is the type of artist that you would happen upon in a cafe, strumming and singing her heart out, wishing you remembered her name and wondering where you could get your hands on her tracks. Well, we got you! We hope to hear more diverse tracks from Alice, and see her play with different harmonies and styles - this just looks like the beginning of her journey.

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