DCWS Connects With Brampton, Ont Artist EverythingOShauN For An Exclusive Interview

A drive for success is definitely what comes to mind when thinking of this artist. A powerful team and a shared vision is definitely a part of Everything0ShauN’s rise to notoriety in Toronto’s urban music scene. 

First and foremost, can you please explain your name, why “Everything” and is Oshaun your real name?

Well Oshaun is not my government name first of all. lol It was given to me in high school because I used to always have the wave game up (waves of the Ocean on my head). And the Everything means many things. It literally means Everything lol. Just I approach music and life by doing Everything instead of being one dimensional so you can never put me in a box I gotta do Everything. Also I'm the first born so I'm self centered so everything is about me or should be about me Hahahaha.

You don’t know this, but DJXP, AKA your baby bro passed me one of your CDs at Harlem last year and that’s how I heard of you. What are the advantages and challenges to working so closely with a sibling?

Oh that's so dope. And I'm glad you brought that up because that always shows you you have to always be ready and you never know who you will meet. That's dope. I mean as far as working closely with my brother besides the fact that he gets on my nerves lol, it's good to have a family connection when your working on something like art.  Because he can be candid as fuck to me about what I'm doing and vice versa. And there typically no need for long talking when it comes to things we need to get done. He understands my sound because he is a big part of it so makes for a good working relationship. He also is super talented.

So I hear that you have a Jamaican and Nigerian background, does your culture influence your music at all?

Yeah mixed with the best of the black world lol. Yeah it definitely influences it alot. Just growing up too and hearing Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and then hearing Fela Kuti. There are always subtle hints in the music with lingo or sound selection but as time progresses it will be more undeniable as the layers of "everything" peel back.

What has been your most memorable performance to date and why?

I gotta say it's a tie breaker between performing at SXSW and putting on our own show for the release of my album at the Kensington Market last year. It was literally a movie. The show we put on in Toronto was dope for the opposite reason. - people knowing words and mouthing and screaming certain shit was like finally seeing the words carry from the tracks into the people. SXSW it was so dope to get a crowd so lit and them not even know who the hell I was. To me that was a testament to the energy and music we were making that it can move people regardless. Both amazing experiences. 

You’re from Brampton, home to Alessia Cara, Tory Lanez and many YouTube personalities as well, what’s in the water over there? Why is Brampton the new creative hub?

Yeah someone sprinkled some dust in the water filtration tank a while back and it got to the homes lol. Nah actually its dem Sonny's Wings. (West end Tings)  Hahaha No I think it really has to do with Brampton being apart of the gta but still having a lot to prove and it's own entity and our unique position to see what's happening but not feel directly entrenched. It adds to the hunger and creativity for sure. And it's just a matter of time for people to catch on to what we know is already lit. You will see way more successful artists coming from this end I promise you. Also mann.... people lucky all us artists from out here don't stick together like we should and have dope performance venues or shit would be a wrap.

Your latest single ‘Co-sign’ is doing very well online without a music video. What do you owe this success to? Do you advertise at all?

Well I think just the fact that we got on a bunch of year end lists and this being the first release of 2017 people genuinely want to see what we are up to. Plus we also got some radio playing the record and it may have been in one of those Instagram videos seen 200k times lol. 

Do you have a master plan for the rest of your career or do you kind of play things by ear?

The master plan lol damn thats a big one. I can say this....I ain't playing it ear by ear. I know what I want deep down inside. It's not about chasing fame. I want to be successful in this industry. I want to travel the world with my brother XpressakaDJXP, Staasia Daniels, everybody on the team and tour everywhere, make successful albums, sell out venues, make money, take care of my family, connect with the people through the sound, grow my brand, and when I'm in a very successful situation I want to help other artist from here grow too. I want to do it so bad Ekelle you don't even know. I wanna open up doors for people because I know how it feels when people don't open them for you. Everybody wants to do it themselves and keep it for themselves. I wanna do it too but then when I get it I will share with some of them. That's why we grinding so hard. We ain't waiting for anybody. I ain't waiting for anybody. Sometimes you just gotta do Everything..... to have Everything.

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