Interview: St. Louis Based Rap Duo DV

Dopecausewesaid is back again with another exclusive interview. This time we connect with two twin emcees out of LA who now call St. Louis home by the name of DV (Johnathan & Jarred Lindsay). They just dropped a very energetic visual entitled "Just Came", so it's only right that we touch base with Johnathan and Jarred. 

After reading our Q&A with the brothers, be sure to follow them on social media, watch "Just Came" about ten times and share it with some friends. 

How did you guys start making music?

We've been into a lot of different genre's of music since around 7. Jazz was actually our first love. Around 22 was when we decided to make music professionally. That also happen to be the exact time our mother died, which was also a major motivator for us (Johnathan).

Was one brother more interested in writing than the other initially?

Nah, i'd say we both were equally.

Describe your creative process for us. Do you seek out instrumentals before writing or vice versa?

We do a little bit of both. We try to keep the creative process pretty open and balanced. We make it happen however it needs to happen. (Jarred)

For most of the United States, St. Louis is still known for Nelly and his movement back in the early-mid 200s. Tell us about the music scene in St. Louis, specifically for rap music currently.

We're originally from L.A., but we've been living in st. Louis for almost 7 years now and we've been familiar with the city even longer. From what we've noticed the rap scene is mainly split between gangsta and conscious rap. Then you've got a few artists like DV, Tef Poe, Black Spade, The Knuckles, Spark1duh? and Jia Davis who kinda stand out on their own. St. Louis definitely has a huge music scene in general. (Jarred)

We really dig you guys' new video for "Just Came"; congrats on putting together a very energetic visual and positive song overall. Tell us about the video shoot and how you guys connected with Black Spade for his feature.

Spade has been doing his thing for a minute now on at least a national scale.  I'd say he's an OG for sure. We connected with him first through Jia Davis. He introduced us to him at The Gramaphone on Manchester. To us, Spade has one of the best voices in music so it was just a perfect fit. We also brought in our homegirl Brittany Henley to harmonize with spade on the hook...she's the other voice you hear in that. The video was shot at Blank Space, a major staple on Cherokee Street. Cherokee Street is like our version of Abbot Kinney in Venice California, which is why we call it our second home. The major focus of the video was to highlight Cherokee Street and the overall feel good vibe we bring as a group.

Who produced "Just Came"?

The song was produced by Black Spade as well. (Johnathan) 

What's next for you guys musically? Will "Just Came" appear on an upcoming release?

Not too sure about that yet...normally we'd say yeah for sure but we're doing things differently this time around. Trying a different approach on releasing music now. Just wanna take our time and give this song more time and attention..sit back and see the potential of it. (Johnathan) 

Judging from the "Just Came" video, you guys have a very lively stage show. What do you enjoy most about performing live and and do you have a favorite song to perform?

The energy and feedback from the crowd mostly. We've got a few, but currently "Just Came" is "numero uno". ( Johnathan)

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