Des Brennan Connects With DCWS For An Exclusive Interview To Discuss His DOPE "Don't Try This At Home" EP


Des Brennan is a Rockland, NY based rap artist who just released the 7-track EP entitled "Don't Try This At Home". One of the standout tracks on the EP, "I (Prod. by Toonorth)", is currently our DOPEST Song of The Week and can be streamed on our homepage.

We connected with Des for an exclusive interview to discuss his journey thus far as an artist, his new "Don't Try This At Home" EP, his biggest musical influences and much more. After reading our this Q&A, be sure to stream/download Des's great piece of work and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook below. 

Tell us about your journey as a rap artist. When did you start writing rhymes and what do you remember about recording your first song?

I started writing regularly around my junior year of high school, so about 8 years ago. I do remember recording my first song. It was back in 2011, down in Jersey City. I remember how nervous I was, I had never been to a recording studio. I also had never even heard my voice on a beat before or rapped on a mic. It was definitely an interesting experience, and one that was beneficial to my growth as an artist.

Describe the development process for your new EP, "Don't Try This At Home"? How did you select the instrumentals for it? Also, how long did it take to write and record it?

I selected the instrumentals by deciding what type of sound I wanted for the project. I wanted to go for a mellow and nostalgic type sound. Once I figured out the sound I wanted for the project, it was pretty easy for me to find the beats I wanted. It took me exactly a week to write and record this EP.

Click the pic to Stream/Download "Don't Try This At Home"

Click the pic to Stream/Download "Don't Try This At Home"

What are you most proud of with the EP?

With this EP I am most proud of the fact that my wordplay (metaphors, similes, storytelling, etc.) is the best it has ever been. I believe that all the songs fit together so well sonically. The EP is musically rich, and overall I believe it is definitely my best project yet.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and what is your favorite rap album of all time?

My biggest musical influences are Oddisee, Little Brother, Slum Village, Common, Big Krit, Yelawolf, Atmosphere, Goldlink, Evidence, Apathy, J. Cole, Isaiah Rashad, Anderson Paak, Bon Iver, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer. My favorite rap album of all time is Jay-z's "Reasonable Doubt" along with Little Brother's "The Minstrel Show".

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Honest, Distinct, Evocative

What are your musical goals for the remainder of 2017?

For the remainder of 2017 my goal is to release at least three music videos. I also plan on releasing another EP, along with two full-length mixtapes.

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