EP Review: "Amethyst" by Moe Carter

Moe Carter.jpg

"Amethyst" is the new EP release from North Carolina based rap artist Moe Carter. Featuring seven tracks, it’s an epic introduction for new listeners and provides excellent insight into this artist's world.

Moe's lyrical ability is visible on top of the groovy and sleek instrumental on the track ‘Kult’ and is a great opener to the EP. Next is ‘Bludini’, a stand-out track with it’s beat and fascinating rhythm scheme. ‘Sourbunga’ captures the listener's attention from the beginning of the track and highlights Moe's flow with a catchy hook and beat. ‘Gotta Blow’ has a vibe reminiscent of the early Eminem days of The Marshall Mathers LP, but Moe adds his own twist to the track with greatness. ‘Dap Rap’ finds Moe spitting his words to an upbeat, fast instrumental. Moe gets real on ‘Neighborhood' and doesn’t find him diluting his past, present and future. It brings more character with his authentic take on the refreshing track and is an excellent offering to the collection of songs. ‘Woof’ closes out the EP with a bang and is an epic ending to the project. It completes the story and provides a glimpse into Moe’s character, vulnerable traits and his artistic life.

"Amethyst" is a complete masterpiece with true meaning behind it. Moe rhymes about relatable topics like struggles and strength, to discussing sex and politics, and showcases his effortless abilities on the mic. Throughout the seven tracks, his influences like Jay-Z and Earl Sweatshirt are evident, but he created a collection of songs that is authentically "Moe Carter". 

In an era where music may seem to be messy, some genres forgotten or pushed back to let others rise, Moe’s ambition to bring the hip-hop genre back is proven throughout "Amethyst". There’s tough moments, complicated feelings and self-reflection throughout the EP, but that's Moe's truth; non-compromising and ruthless.

From the beginning to the end of the EP, Moe's progression as an artist is shown immediately. Once the first beat drop, his development continues to shine. And from this body of work, it’s safe to say that Moe has a lot of potential and will be turning heads in his direction very soon. "Amethyst", is only the start for Moe Carter; jump on the bandwagon now.

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