Experimental Electronic/Alternative Duo Aurganic Releases "Distant Echoes & Close Encounters" Album

Aurganic artwork.jpg

Aurganic is a window into a collaborative thought and emotion of two individuals who dedicate most of their time to the craft of music and sound creation. Separated by distance and connected by technology Aurganic was one of the original online collaboration projects to appear last decade. Rooted in friendship, the project proved its longevity with four independent releases to date.

Aurganic is an experimental electronic/alternative studio project of two long-time friends Michael Kossov and Leo Pisaq. Originally high school classmates, they were members in a number of local punk rock bands until life and distance separated them for a number of years. They reconnected musically in 2010 finding a lot of common ground. This time it was electronica, art rock and jazz that dominated the ideas. The reunited duo recorded instrumental sessions in New York and worked on their completion via internet resulting in a self-titled EP. They soon discovered how well they complimented each other with Leo's strong production skills and Mike's compositional ideas.


Taking the project to the next level, Aurganic released a self-produced full-length album entitled "Life as a Canvas" in March of 2012. The album included multiple vocal and instrumental guest appearances from local Toronto artists. As a result, the new material emphasized the introduction of song writing to the duo's sound. "Life as a Canvas" was well received by the public, praising the clever mix of live and electronic instruments as well as pristine technical execution.

The sophomore full length "Deviations" followed in September 2013. On this album Aurganic had fully switched to the songwriting approach, having only one instrumental track. The effort includes familiar vocal guest appearances found on "Life as a Canvas", as well as vocal work by Aurganic. The sound has a strong emphasis on mood and atmosphere. The electronic elements are subtler and tend to complement the live instruments. The album was featured on major publications such as Examiner.com, Huffington Post, IX Daily, Absolute Punk and Indie Shuffle Blog. The music from "Deviations" was licensed to MTV series "MADE" and Sundance Channel series "Push Girls".

In September 2017 Aurganic came back with the third full length release "Distant Echoes & Close Encounters". Joey Aguirre was recruited to handle drums and Michael laid all the vocals on the record. The album was completely self-produced giving unlimited creative and production freedom. While overall songwriting is similar to Deviations, post rock and synth rock influences permeate this record from its beginning to an end.

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