Interview: Bronx Based RnB Singer-Songwriter Tournésoul Talks About Her New Music Video "Silk Sheets"

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We connected with Bronx based RnB singer-songwriter Tournésoul for an exclusive interview to discuss her new music video “Silk Sheets”, how her hometown of NYC is reflected in her music, and much more.

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Being from the Bronx, how would you say that your borough and NYC, overall, is reflected in your music?

So funny thing, I was having this conversation with my mom recently, I was born in Harlem half raised there, half in the Bronx. But in my college days, I was in Long Island. And I would say that all three have a huge influence on my music. Having the confidence and swag from Harlem, the spunk and attitude from the boogie down, and the conservative way I would say is Long Island. All three is hustle tho. Many would say you can hear that in my music. My message in my music exudes, stand tall, stand out, and be yourself unapologetically; learn from your obstacles and find strength in them. I plan to share a lot of experiences throughout my life in my music.

Congratulations on the release of your new single/video for "Silk Sheets". Tell us about your creative process when it came to the development of the song itself.

Thank you very much!! So I released the single and shot the video summer ‘18, then put out the video recently, on Sept 8th. We filmed the entire video in California, in which the majority of the cast are from Cali.

The process of the song and video were two completely different experiences. Jacolbrian Bernard of Music N’ Me Records inc. and myself networked at an event, maybe a month later he reached out to me about having a beat he wanted me to be on. He initially wanted to co-write the song, but I was so moved by the composition, I wrote lyrics to it moments after hearing it and sent him a voice note of the idea and he rocked with it! Months later we linked up at his studio and recorded it. I actually ended up re-recording it with The Rzistnce Music Group, whom produced and engineered my EP. I was sick the first time it was recorded, and wasn’t very happy about how it sounded the first time around. I figured it would be best to re-do it to the most convenience since Jacolbrian doesn’t live in NY. Getting into the vibe of recording the song can be complicated at times but this song was personal for me, so it fit.

As for the video, we initially were going to shoot it in NY, but my birthday was coming up August 24, 2018, which is when I dropped my EP “Aura”; I had already planned to go to Cali. My team and I just started taking BondinFirst more seriously so we figured let’s shoot it instead of hiring a whole new team. We cast people through Actors Access; we reached out to a few people on Instagram, and of course invited Jacolbrian and his crew to come out.

I will say it was hard just being the actress and artist when I knew I was already on the production side as well. I’m a Virgo so I’m specific on how I want things to be lol. Timothy filmed it, we hired a young woman by the name of Arisa Olazabal to be the production assistant. Man, right as we landed we went to meet her for the first time to assure that it would be the right fit knowing the shoot was in two days. Thank God she was so sweet!

The theme of the treatment started to develop based on the environment, the budget, the timing that we had to get the scenes...there was only one day to shoot the party scene and we had a lot to cover and get done. It was hard to get the proper venue; some people weren’t as communicative as we hoped they would’ve been. We had to slightly adjust the idea as we went along since other things took place unexpectedly. The place we filmed it was very hot, but thankfully we provided food and water, drinks as well! Lol But the way the video came out?? I’m still in awe; everyone on set was great and ready to work! I’m very excited for how we edited it, how it turned out, and the attention it’s been getting!

Regarding the music video, how did you and the director come up with its treatment?

This idea was also Jacolbrian; he wanted to bring the 80s/90s feel of music videos to today’s music, with TLC’s “Creep”, and “House Party” theme; and I definitely loved the idea and treatment he came up with. We altered some things around because we knew some things would call for a larger budget but we made sure his idea for the song was still brought to fruition!

When someone listens to or watches "Silk Sheets" for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

I want them to remember that love still exists, and within that love, it’s okay to feel love through intimacy, as long as it’s actual love that is lol. “Silk Sheets” exemplifies wanting to be wrapped up in someone’s love so much that you feel safe, like you can get away, “You take me high, feels like I’m flying, to places I’ve never seen...” that’s the feeling of security, you’re feeling so free with someone you can do anything!

Now, the video, I got a lot of flack for lol ... people were surprised at how it ended, I also wanted to show women, and men, it’s okay to say no, and receive no. It’s okay for a woman to be sexy, and in control of what she does with that “sexy”, and it’s okay for a guy to understand that, that choice is up to her. It’s okay for you to have the drunk friend who will be the first to talk to the guy and she can still hold her class while doing it. That’s what I want people to receive from that specific message. May be touching a few topics from that statement but I have to push that narrative. But art brings perspective; I really just want people to be able to enjoy, relate, and vibe out!

Tell us about the entertainment company you founded, BondinFirst Productions. What are your goals with Bondinfirst?

So BondinFirst isn’t my created company. It started out as a clothing line with two cousins, Adrienne Smith, and Timothy Mills, and when our paths crossed, it was pure synergy—like minds and we decided let’s partner up and create greatness! We have a number of plans and goals for BondinFirst.

Currently, we do graphic design, logos, photography, music videos, event coverage, etc. We are also working on a few scripts, and are soon going to be filming the second season of our podcast, Kings of Culture. We plan to create content that breaks the surface and connects the dots for many actors and entertainers of all ages, giving them a place that they can express, partner, and see their own vision come to life. And of course tying it all together and making sure we all can eat successfully! Always we, never I. Big goals indeed, right now we’re just planting seeds.

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