Interview: Compton Based Band No Application Fee Talks About Their Mash Up Video "Pirates Cove/MWA"

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We’re stoked to be able to share our exclusive interview with Compton based band No Application Fee with you. Comprised of Andy G, Gil Correa, and Snail, No Application Fee’s music is a blend of hip-hop and rock, with a Latin twist, which is evident in their new video “Pirates Cove/MWA”, a visual we recently designated as our “DOPEST Video of the Week”.

During our interview with No Application Fee, we learn more about the “Pirates Cove/MWA” video, their recently released album “Your New Favorite Album”, why they decided to move from El Paso, TX to southern Cali, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with No Application Fee, be sure to stream their new project, “Your New Favorite Album”, and connect with them on social media so you’ll know when they’ll be dropping more music!

We're huge fans of your new mash up video "Pirates Cove/MWA"; of all the songs on your album "Your New Favorite Album", why did you select those two to include in the video?

Thanks for digging it. We appreciate you guys showing us love. I (Andy’s G! bass player) had a vision for a music video, and those two songs stuck out to me. And with peoples attention spans now-a-days, you gotta keep them on their toes. Our music has always done that, and I knew when it came to our first organized music video, it had to pop.

So these two songs got lucky and were chosen.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the treatment of the video and the hilarious scenes throughout it.

We, as No Application Fee, are pendejos. As I (Andy G!) was making a scene list in my notepad on my iPhone, believe it or not, it all came to me at once. My thumbs went hard, I read it back BAM! Matching sweaters, Speedos, liquor, beer, chi-chis.. it was all mapped out and ready to present to Gil and see his reaction.

I knew if Gil laughed, it was a banger.

The ONLY change that was made, was for Gil’s second verse in “MWA”. I wanted him at the barbershop getting his face shaved. Half still with shaving cream, and half already super clean and with him rapping.

But when it came to making it happen, it was easier to just combine the scene to both of us partying.

The band is currently based in Compton, but originated in El Paso, TX. What motivated you guys to make the move out west?

We had talked about moving to California since we were 12 years old. And when we were 19-20, we loaded up the van and came west. It was a life long dream of perfect weather and women in swim suits. We hadn’t agreed on LA, SD, or SF. We just hopped in the van and came, and ended up in LA.

How would you compare the music scene back in El Paso to that in Southern California for the type of music that you guys make?

Very similar, and very different. Similar in the sense that it’s always hard for us to fit into a show. We have a mix of sounds that make up our style, and it’s always been hard for us to be on the bill of a “reggae show” or a “punk show” because we don’t fall into a single category.

Different in that, in El Paso from 2011-2013, when we were super active and local, there were a lot of indie shows.

So the crowds were usually going to watch a chill show, then we’d come out and take our shirts off and run around in circles. Not that we didn’t do that in LA, but in LA, everyone was running in circles.

When we first got here it was all South Central house shows. So a much more punk/metal scene. (Which there was in El Paso too..)

Congratulations on the completion and release of "Your New Favorite Album". What are you most proud of with this project?

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The smoothness of completing it.

We’d never had serious studio time before. It was a first for us. Especially Snail, who had just joined the band and learned the songs.

It was so fucking frustrating and tedious.. but fun! Ask anyone who has ever done it.

We can’t wait to get back in there with the expensive and knowledge we have now, and record a second one.

What do you enjoy most about performing live? Do you have a favorite song to perform or one that is guaranteed to get the crowd lit?

(Gil) For me, it’s that I get to be myself. That, and the connection. The connection with the guys, and with the crowd.

I don’t have a favorite song, they’re all the shit. And to get everyone lit? “Sunday Afternoon”.

(Andy G!) The energy. The energy I give off, the energy from the crowd, and that from the guys. Our songs are full of energy, and its overwhelming.

Favorite song? Right now has to be “FWAGD”. I fucking love playing that song.

And to get everyone lit? “Pirate’s Cove”. Guaranteed crowd pleaser.

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