Interview: DCWS Connects With Colorado Based Dance-Punk Duo Get Along

Get Along is a Colorado based dance-punk duo and husband/wife (Nicholas and Cara Yañez) whose new single "Death of a Spirit Animal" is not just one of the dopest song titles I have ever come across but is one of the best songs I've heard in a while, regardless of genre. We connected with Nicholas and Cara to find out more about this new single, their upcoming, yet to be publicly named, EP, how they know when a Get Along track is complete and much more. After reading our exclusive Q&A with Get Along, be sure to follow them on social media and share "Death of a Spirit Animal" with all the people you know who appreciate great music!

Tell us about your new single "Death of a Spirit Animal". Who produced it and how did you guys come up with that song title? 

We worked with two great producers, Richard Veltrop and Glenn Sawyer, at the Spot Studios in Denver. Honestly, we had the title of the song long before we had any of the music. The title came to Nicholas in an epiphany while he was hanging Christmas lights one day- the rest is history.

Did you both know about each other's musical talents before you got married? 

Yes. In fact, we were in a band together long before we had any romantic feelings for each other. I do think creating music together made our love flourish though.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP? What's the name of it and when can we expect its release? 

We can’t reveal the EP title quite yet (still finalizing things). BUT we can tell you that it is the musical culmination of many years. We’ve been experimenting with different sounds and instruments for so long; now we’re putting them all in one place. We’re very excited to get it out. Expect a late summer or early fall release.

If you had to describe your music or yourselves as artists to a stranger in three words, which words would you select? 

Creative Light Beings

As artists and I assume perfectionists, when do you know for certain that a Get Along song is complete?

Great question. Well, to be honest, I don’t know if we’ve ever quite completed a song. We’ve gotten to points where we are happy with the sound but always feel there is room to grow. In fact, we are still making slight changes to songs that we have been performing live for years. I guess generally if we feel the song is conveying the message we intended it to/is musically interesting then we are happy but we are always open to evolving our music.

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