Interview: Gary, Indiana Rapper E Famo Discusses His New Video "Here By High Demand" and His Mixtape "Made in AmERICKA"

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E Famo is a Gary, Indiana native who supplies a sound that consists of Hip-Hop with the utmost respect and highly influence of the culture. E Famo creates music that is familiar with the environment and often views his art as gangsta rap, backpack, conscience, and somewhat glamour in one, which is what Hip-Hop is all about.

We connected with E Famo for an exclusive interview to discuss his new video “Here By High Demand”, as well as the mixtape for which it’s song appears on, “Made in AmERICKA”, his thoughts about the Hip-Hop scene in Gary, and much more.

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Big ups to you for the release of your new video "Here By High Demand"; it's a very dope visual. How did you connect with it's director, Quanyfool?

Peace and Love. Its an honor to have the video posted on the site. I’ve been getting a lot of good responses; I really appreciate it.

Quany Fool is a talented director/photographer from Gary, Indiana as well. He directed the 2nd video off “Made In AmERICKA”, "Trap Still", and we been working every since. We have great chemistry together. Dope dude For real.

From this one song alone, it's clear that you have a great ear for production. What are some things that you look for in the beats that you select to write to?

Appreciate that. I pretty much just compose to whatever touches my soul literally. I'm into samples heavy, anything that fits Hip-Hop criterion. I just admire sounds that I grew up to and always had plans of flipping it in my way now.

Tell us about your mixtape "Made in AmERICKA". What does the title mean?

Made In AmERICKA, Well for one my name is Erick, So incorporating that always been pretty witty to me. Other than representing the country we live in, I look at AmERICKA as being in my own country far as coming from Gary, Indiana and having a different state of mind as far as my upbringing. Definitely my passion for music, and just my values in a place where it can be a crime to be unique in your environment, which takes place all over the country.

Before I released my first mixtape "Da Mizeducation Of EEEEFamo", my plan was to put out an album titled “Coming 2 AmERICKA”, that will be official the summer of 2019. But I started “Made In AmERICKA” to explain where I came from and why maneuver the why I do, which made me work on a series until the actual LP. So it will be “Made In AmERICKA”, “Own In AmERICKA”, “Joe Jackson”, “Da AmERICKAN Dream”, and “Enterprise Of The Essence: Coming 2 AmERICKA”.

With this video now out, what's next for you musically in 2019?

I plan on putting out the series of AmERICKAS listed, release more than enough visuals, and do more traveling to talk to more ears around the country and beyond.

Describe the Hip-Hop music scene in Gary for us. Freddie Gibbs, who is also from Gary, is an internationally known rapper, but are locals generally supportive of emerging homegrown talent like yourself?

Peace to Gibbs man. I am more than proud of his evolution and success he has created. Being from Gary, Indiana, that is very important and inspiring, especially for myself. The Hip-Hop scene in Gary is dope. There’s hella talent and hardworking artists as we speak. Being from a small city, it can be a slight lack of unity and resources, but it’s gonna pick up slowly but surely.

I get a lot of support because people in my city know I rap and that it didn't fall in my lap; I have had a mic in my hand l since I could hold one. But living in this current state of Hip-Hop, some people looking at me ancient lol cause I do not create the average music that the mainstream of people want hear or make. But I can’t follow; they know I’m dope and I do what the hell I wanna do. Period. Far as coming from my city it’s part of the game. "You have to play away if you want a homecoming".

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