Interview: San Diego Based Rock Artist Sluka


DCWS connected with San Diego-based rock artist, Christopher Sluka, who recently presented his new album, “Colorful Radiation”. During the exclusive interview we inquired about Sluka's creative process when developing songs, what he enjoys and hates most about being an artist and much more.  

Tell us about your new single "Number One". What does the song represent for you and what do you hope that those who listen to it for the first time take away from it?

I'm fascinated by how groups of human beings throughout history have a strong desire to get together and strive to proclaim themselves "Number One," similar to the Queen song "We are the Champions." However, in this case, not just to sports teams, but political parties, nations, cities, and especially religions... this sense that "God is on our side" and we are somehow the "chosen people."

Describe your creative process in relation to developing songs. Do you write lyrics first and then figure out the instrumentation?

The good ones just come to me. If I think about it too much it never works. And you must be willing to sound terrible in order to experiment and discover something new.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist? 

It is a wonderful feeling when an inspiration all comes together, very fulfilling.

What frustrates you the most about being an artist? 

It is a horrible feeling when an inspiration doesn't come together, very exasperating.

How would you say that your latest release "Colorful Radiation" is different than your prior albums?

Not only did all the songs come to me melodically & lyrically, but also the arrangements, in a very short time, about three weeks. I could hear everything in my head very much like how a song gets stuck in your head, only in this case they were original songs. And they came to me in the order of the album, like chapters in a book, to tell a cohesive and emotional story that I hope resonates with an audience, and may become something they turn to for sustenance throughout their lives.

As someone who has traveled across the world, what's your favorite city to visit or a place you'd want to end up living?

I've always been drawn back to Venice every few years. I speak a little Italian and I love the food. But as much as I love traveling, and I've lived many years of my life abroad, when away for long periods, I still find myself missing the ideals of America, the aspirations for innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge and happiness.

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