Interview: St. Louis Rap Duo Regal Club Discuss Their Self-Titled Debut Album "Regal Club"

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Major thanks to Alvo and J. Cruz from Regal Club who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to talk about their newly released self-titled album, “Regal Club”. We also got a chance to pick the St. Louis based duo’s brains about where the “Regal Club” name originated, their DOPE custom apparel, the Hip-Hop scene in St. Louis, and much more.

After reading our interview with Regal Club, be sure to connect with them on their website and social media, definitely cop some merch, and listen to their new album. Lastly, be on the lookout for our in-depth review of the “Regal Club” album.

Congratulations on the release of your debut album "Regal Club". From start to finish, how long did the project take to complete and who contributed beats to it?

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Thanks. The project took about a year and some months to complete. We started the sessions around March 2018 and finished in June of 2019.

Alvo - I produced all the songs except “Tomorrow”. The beat for "Money Showers" was made back in 2015. Everything else was made new. "Already" was the first beat that I made during the sessions and "Underworld" was the last beat I made for the project. I finished making the beats around October 2018.

Tell us about the name "Regal Club". Where did it originate?

Cruz - I kept seeing the word Regal and once I learned what the true definition was, it resonated with me. When we decided to form our rap duo we put Club behind it and then started building from there.

How did you two meet and what led you to decide to form the duo?

We met in jr high and we both always had a common love for hip-hop and the culture. The idea for us to be a rap duo came when we realized we both were gifted writers and had a similar perspective on the world.

We're really digging the Regal Club apparel. Is the gear available to the public? If so, where can it be purchased?

We appreciate it. The Regal Club apparel is definitely available for the public. It’s on our website Make sure you go check it out. We have Fall apparel coming soon too.

What are your thoughts about the current state of hip-hop in your city of St. Louis? Are locals supportive of emerging artists and are there a lot of venues available to perform at?

The current state of hip-hop here is on the rise and very diverse. Yes, locals are supportive of emerging artists, but to be honest music is the last concern living here. Everybody is on survival mode due to the very high crime rate.

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