Interview: Toronto Rap Artist Ray Lovely Discusses Her New Mixtape "Lovely's Got It"

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Ray Lovely is a real artist, what I mean by that is that she actually stands for something. She’s really trying to make a career out of being an artist with talent and not a cheap gimmick. You can tell that she puts real thought into her lyrics and truly has a sound within her own lane which is sure to be duplicated soon. These will be the things running through your head as you listen to Ray Lovely’s latest offering, "Lovely’s Got It". This 8 song project does a great job of throwing the listener into her world and hearing first hand what it’s like to try and succeed in Toronto’s music scene. I got the chance to interview her about this new project and how she does her thing.

I feel that the sound of your music is very distinct. If I wanna feel like a bad chick, independent boss lady I know Lovely’s got it. What can listeners expect with this new project?

So with this project, you can expect the same energy but more intense, more heightened. I enjoy the fact that I make other ladys feel empowered and on top through my music. So when Lovelys Got It is heard , my listeners are getting exactly what they need to feed their independent ways.

How long did it take you to form your unique style and sound?

In terms of my sound, it just developed over time. At a point I started to realize that voice expression goes a long way and meaning what you say matters.

Were there/are there any artists who influence your sound?

No. There’s no specific artist who influenced my sound. I love a lot of different artists; rap artists especially, but when I was really working diligently on my craft in the start I went through a phase where I  stopped listening to rap and decided to listen to different genres to open my mind.

For listeners who are new to your music, what song would you recommend and why?

I would recommend new listeners to hear my latest song off my mixtape, Lovely’s Got It  called Talk Up. It’s the perfect contrast of what I represent as an artist and the songs come from a genuine place.

Now that the project is done and ready to be streamed, what are you working on?

I’ll be out here workin on collaborations and more music videos.

Being such a hardworking woman, do you find it difficult to work with others?

Yeah. Extremely difficult, people are strange to me. So if I’m working with others everyone has to have real energy but I mean it though. I deadass won’t f*** with you if you make me feel some typa way.

Who would be your dream collaboration and why?

Honestly...In the near future I feel as though I’m going to collab with some hot artists in the game right now along with some legends but in terms of daydreaming about it and having one dream collaboration...I don’t have one..

Toronto is a hot spot for music right now, but what does that actually mean for upcoming artists?

Toronto is a hot spot for music right now I agree. In terms of upcoming artists such as myself I don’t feel I need to entrap myself here. I think it’s better to expand cities I’m promoting my music to while representing Toronto in the best of ways.

What do you think it will take for the female rappers of Toronto to get the same support as the males?

Female rappers in Toronto are starting to arise from the dead now which is great. I think we all need to just grind and shine. Don’t be stuck up as well...It makes no sense.

Is there anything that you wish you knew when you first got started with music?

When I first started, I wish I truly knew the meaning of patience. I use to execute plans with no direction. I know better now lol.

Even though that’s a wrap on this interview, I think we’ll be hearing more from Ms. Ray Lovely again. The tape, "Lovely’s Got It" can be heard below. 

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