Interview: West Philly's LA Sabree Discusses His New Video "Half as Long (Twice as Bright)” and How His Hometown is Reflected in His Music

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West Philly is definitely representing because we’ve got one of its natives, LA Sabree, on tap for an exclusive interview. We recently featured LA Sabree’s very DOPE video “Half as Long (Twice as Bright)”, so it was only right that we follow that up and pick his brain to find out more about the visual, as well as his upcoming EP, how West Philly is reflected in his music, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with LA Sabree, connect with the talented emcee on his social media, and get your mind right because “Half as Long (Twice as Bright)” is just a taste of what we can all expect from his forthcoming EP. We at DCWS expect LA Sabree to have a massive 2019 and we look forward to sharing more of his music with you!

Congratulations on the release of your new BOMBVISIONS directed video "Half as Long (Twice as Bright)"; both the song and video are very dope. What inspired you to write the song initially and who produced it?

So the song is produced by Yondo. I came across the beat at night, I was just perusing his collection I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. But when I heard it, it immediately spoke to me, I felt my soul two-stepping so to speak. I just caught the vibe from the rip. I wrote the chorus within minutes of playing the beat; it was almost something cosmic going on, like the universe wanted me to record the song. God told me I needed to jump on it. I remember getting out of bed, I had a bottle of moscato on my dresser, and I was just alternating between sipping and Milly Rocking. I just wanted to create something to capture the energy I felt and that’s what happened.

Following up on the prior question, how did you connect with BOMBVISIONS for the video and how did you come up with its treatment?

Bomb and I have collaborated on a couple of visuals before, back when I was working with some other artists with aspirations to form a group. That fell through, however, since we already had that background I knew he could capture the aesthetic I was going for. It’s actually crazy how everything came together.

Aside from music, I’m into fashion and modeling. I have dreams of getting into the print side of the industry. So I booked an Air BNB to take some photos for my portfolio, and one of my homies suggested that we also shoot the video too. So my guys were already there supporting me, and we called any girls who could slide on short notice and they came through. I already had the bottles on deck, I was lit too, so I said look let’s just pop some more champagne and kick it. The video is just that - champagne vibes and good times with good folks.

Is "Half as Long (Twice as Bright)" indicative of what we can expect from the other songs on your upcoming EP, from a thematic and sonic standpoint?

Absolutely. Sonically, Half as Long mirrors a lot of the production on the project. You can catch a vibe from each of the records. I’ve got a couple that you can just ride out and enjoy yourself to. I want listeners to be able to lose themselves, to be able to just vibe out to the music and forget everything else that they have going on. However, I do have some change of paces on there.

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I created records that allow you to sit in your room and just contemplate life to. Stuff you can bump on a long drive, smoke a couple spliffs and kick your feet up to. But there will be some that just slap you in the face! It’s that type of project. You’ll hear some stuff that will have you standing on your feet cause you’re going to FEEL it. There will be something for everybody.

The EP is based on the epiphanies that I’ve had over the last couple of years. All the experiences and ordeals and what I’ve learned from them. Fans will resonate with the sound, the lyrics, everything. I’m very hype to share it with the world.

Have you decided on a name for the EP? Also, will there be any featured artists?

Yes and yes. The EP is titled “Contemplations and Reservations”. As far as features are concerned, I’ve collaborated with a few of my favorite local artists in Philly and New Jersey. There won’t be many though. It’s an introspective piece of work, so I want listeners to hear me as much as possible. It’s our little one on one conversation.

How would you say that West Philly is reflected in your music?

West Philly is all about the grind. It’s all about the hustle. You walk down 52nd and Market St, you see guys on the corners selling various merchandise like clothes and jewelry. One day you might catch someone out there on a megaphone reading Bible scriptures or giving some other type of game.

In the summer you’re serenaded by the sound of dirt bikes racing through the streets. You see the hustle and bustle. You see guys stepping out of the Villa with the latest Nikes. Look at some of the greats in our industry, legends like Will Smith hail from here. West just has that energy.

My music encompasses everything about West Philly. The hunger, the tenacity, the grit, and the flare. I capture every single quality. I’m proud of where I live, where I grew up. I just want to put on for my city, and hopefully one day like Big Willie I’ll have a mural down here too.

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