Neo-Psychedelic Outfit Blue Sails Release Debut Self-Titled Album

Blue Sails.png

Neo-psychedelic outfit Blue Sails are proud to release their self-titled debut record. Conceived by two brothers in rural Wisconsin, the record deals with the themes of anxiety and a spiritual awakening of sorts.  The result is a sonically beautiful record with endless textures and layers to be peeled away slowly with each listen.

Last month, Mitch and Max premiered the debut single, "For Now" to rave reviews.  Mystic Sons said, "The new track... captures the pair's affinity for synth-led pop music, combining their hazy take on electronic music with a subtle overtone of otherworldly vocal performances."

Just a few weeks back, Music & Riots premiered second single, "Beloved", calling it "a mesmerizing glimpse... of their dreamy and neo-psychedelic approach"

If you're not familiar, Blue Sails is the product of brothers Mitchel and Max Bell.  After leaving their hometown in Wisconsin to attend college in Chicago and Milwaukee respectively, the bustle of the city began to wear down on them.  The brothers both found themselves growing increasingly anxious and desperate for a certain type of peace that they only found when back in rural Wisconsin.

The wilderness won them over.  Mitchel and Max built a home studio to fit their needs, and they began recording songs that channeled the thematic juxtaposition of the tension they felt from living frantic, anxious urban lives, and the short relief they'd receive when working on songs in their newly found oasis.  

The result is an 8-track epic that weaves a sonic blend harkening back to the likes of Pink Floyd, Spiritualized, and MGMT.  After hearing the record, a friend and poet convinced the duo to release the music to the world, and Blue Sails was born.

Blue Sails album.jpg