New York's Des Brennan Releases His Latest EP "Growing Apart" For Free Download

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New York based emcee Des Brennan has just released his latest project entitled "Growing Apart", which will be his last free solo EP. In speaking about the release, Des says,

"Growing Apart" is a really special project to me. It really focuses on my growth as an artist, as well as dealing with the many regrets that I have (in both music and life). I try my best to not let those regrets have a negative impact on my mental state. Not only am I growing as an artist, but I am growing as a person. 

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I made sure this EP highlighted all of this. 

I just want to be heard as an artist. By now I thought I'd have a lot more listeners, but it is what it is. Every day someone new is listening to my music and I truly appreciate that. It's been a long musical journey for me, I feel like I am constantly improving and wanted to touch on that on this EP, as well. I've decided that this is going to be my last free solo EP. I've dropped 9 EP's altogether in the past 18 months. Now I am going to do a full length mixtape, and then focus strictly on albums for the most part. I'm also going to be doing a good amount of music videos. My plan is to keep getting bigger and better. "Growing Apart" is the start of that plan".

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