Review: "Booty and the Beast" by T-Booty

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John Tyler Butler, aka “T-Booty” is a hip-hop artist out of Kansas City, Missouri. He was formally the lead vocalist in the KC rock band “Me, Personally”, but decided to venture out to start a solo career as a rapper. “Booty and the Beast” is Butler’s latest project and it doesn’t disappoint.

At first listen, it is clear that Butler is blessed vocally. His singing is smooth, confident and very full. The intro track, “Tune Out”, showcases his vocals and draws in the listener to the project from the start.

While listening to the album, I found myself comparing Butler to artists such as Post Malone and Travis Scott because of the sound of his voice (although much less autotune than Scott) as well as his choice of production. What I believe separates his sound from those two artists, however, is the fact that he can rap his “Booty” off. The song “Avenue” is essentially a showcase of Butler’s diverse talents. He switches from spectacular singing on his hook to rapping that reminds me of “Yelawolf” but with more precision and deeper lyrics.

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It’s Butler’s rapping that explains to me why he decided to be more than just the lead singer in a band. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, but imagine if Drake was just a lead singer for a Canadian rock band. What if Vic Mensa never left “Kids These Days” to become a solo artist. It appears to me that Butler is reaching his full potential as “T-Booty”.

Despite the funny name, the album is a solid body of work with a good mix of danceable beats, catchy hooks, emotional tones and fire lyricism.

“Booty and the Beast” can be streamed on Spotify below as well as on Butler’s website.

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