Review: Cameron Murdoch's "I Love Me Too" EP

Cameron Murdoch, the twenty-six year old Minneapolis-based rapper delivers honest yet clashing thoughts surrounding the unknown that comes with finding love, expectancy towards modern day lifestyles, and the ever-blurring line between self-esteem with self-realization, all integrating in a mixed smorgasbord of alternative hip hop and low key R&B, even if it does fall short in duration, given that it is only an EP, the all-around quality in ILM2, is a small, but effective bag of goodies.

In most cases, these types of assortments contain sweet sugary production that splashes in tropical punches, made best with the bombastic single, Revival, alongside the intro track, “U Time” filtering bells that pulse like heartbeats while Murdoch conveys that in all relationships, people need time together, and also time apart. Even though the connection rhyming "U Time" with "Me Time" gets slightly overdrawn, the ending delivery, "Hold me down in the meantime", does round the song back together, both thoughtfully and earnestly when it comes to long distance loyalty.

And that’s the key to this record, loyalty, the rounded theme for an album that predetermines braggadocios underlining demeanor, with an EP titled "I Love Me Too". But, in this case, Murdoch is lovingly self-deprecation when he needs to be. On the slow burner, IWDWS, the EP cools down the mood with a far escape of high-end pianos expressing Murdoch's full form of romanticism. In the midst of Kid Cudi or Drake vibe of a loner heart, and not like the 90s boom of ‘gangsters need love too’ era of staying hard and baller while letting the only sweet girl in a swarm of bitches know that “hey, I'm not really a bad guy" but more of a wholeheartedly slick collaboration of human expression.

ILM2 is a perfect layout of Murdoch’s strengths, creating extraordinary but fun hip-hop jammers.


4/5 B 83%

From the desk of David Anthony G. @Sysdrumatic  
Editor @Audifact on Twitter.