Review: "Chromatic" EP by Iyves

Iyves - Chromatic album review.png

While trends in music have been every changing for the past few years, especially in the Hip-Hop and RnB genres, RnB seems to be making a return to more soulful and smooth sounds. It is in this style where "Chromatic", the upcoming EP from alternative RnB singer Iyves truly shines. With the use of her brooding vocals and soulful signature style allows for strong entry in the catalog of the indie singer. 

From the beginning, “No Pressure” and “Let It Play” set the tone for the rest of the EP, slow and relaxed instrumentals behind the strong voice of Iyves while her lyrics tell stories of love, romance and heartbreak. It’s the strong vocals and delivery over calm and soothing instrumentals that make "Chromatic" grab the attention of the listener. This combination almost puts the listener is a trancelike state, making it easy to vibe to the soulful voice of Iyves. 

While the production keeps the same energy and tone throughout the EP, it does enough in the sense that it highlights the singing of Iyves. While some RnB records may try to wow the audience and capture their attention with the beats, the production on "Chromatic" is laid back and toned down enough to let the singer’s vocal strengths be the main star of each track. 

While the EP is a strong example of indie alternative RnB, it does have its flaws. The singer’s vocal strengths are sometimes hidden by unnecessary reverb and effects. Also, while fans of Iyves’ previous work will love her familiar EP, others may find it to be slightly repetitive. However, these are just minor issues and do not stop "Chromatic" from being a solid alternative RnB EP that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.

"Chromatic" is definitely a must listen for fans of alternative RnB looking to add to their summer playlist. The EP is a great genre piece that has enough personality to capture the attention of listeners, while still being laid back enough to showcase Iyves' growing talent and potential. Be sure to stream/download "Chromatic" when it drops this Friday, June 15th. 

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