Review: Jordan King's "The Night Shift" EP

London singer-songwriter and producer, Jordan King, presents himself as a ladies man who isn’t down for playing any games on his upcoming debut EP The Night Shift which just dropped on October 16th. The 5-track project is where finessing and professing meet as King takes listeners on a journey of love and lust. 

The singer starts things off with the title track, where he puts his feelings on the table and encourages his lady to do the same. At one point singing, “Baby please, I know you don’t want to leave that’s why you’re holding me.” This interlude of sorts is followed by another self-produced cut “Right Now.” “Right Now,” opens with sounds reminiscent of a sitar or guitar and seems to tell a story of what giving in to current desires can lead to. It certainly has a “you want this but are you ready for what is comes with?” kind of feel. King’s assertive lyrics and vocals definitely bring that feeling home. “P.W.I,” serves as the lead cut of The Night Shift, and maintains the upfront nature of “Right Now,” which makes the transition a smooth one. “P.W.I” may remind some of Ro Jame’s “Permission,” because of its premise, but this track is all King. P.W.I stands for Play With It, if you don’t feel like using your imagination take a listen to the flirtatiously-forward track below. 

King changes the mood a bit with the next track “Be The Man,” featuring rapper Jords. On the SM-produced cut King asks his lady to let him be what she needs for her heart and body. And to be honest his vocals may just convince her. The next track finds King wanting to create “Plans” with this lady, not a one-night stand. 

Ultimately, The Night Shift is a great introduction to Jordan King. It is clear from this EP that the Jordan King is a smooth talker who is just as smooth with his beats, lyrics, and vocals.

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