Review: Poplar Tree's "Paper Places" EP

Paper Places EP.png

If cover art were ever an indication of what a project might sound like, "Paper Places" by Poplar Tree, definitely delivers a sound that correlates with its space themed artwork. The EP’s intro track “Cradle”, helps set the mood of the entire project by delivering a smooth, spacey instrumental accompanied by angelic vocals from Megan McDuffee. The project’s second track, “Faces”, is a more love driven piece, featuring vocal appearances from Elizabeth Grace & Shannon Tse. Our favorite track from the entire project, “Time”, provides a sound that will have you reminiscing on all of your past failed relationships and have your wondering what could have been. The EP ends on a strong note with another strong vocal appearance by Shannon Tse in "Paper Place", layering her unique sound over a new-age acoustic type of arrangement. 

Poplar Tree interview.jpg

All in all, Poplar Tree's four track "Paper Places" EP is a very well put together project that taps into a musical genre that you do not hear everyday on popular radio (*that is a good thing). Poplar Tree successfully took sounds, samples and instruments that most would deem “experimental” or “dreamy”, and crafted a masterpiece that’s ahead of its time. If he sticks with the same recipe, Poplar Tree has the capacity to be the face of a new sub-genre. 

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